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  1. VMware UEFI, many computer Xiaobai knows nothing about this, and we don't know how to enter the UEFI mode. When we use the virtual machine to install the Windows7 system, we need to enter the UEFI mode. For you, let the Windows7 home small home small The editor tells you how to turn on the VMWAREUEFI mode.
    1. Create Win7. For detailed steps, please refer to the Lenovo Win7 system to use the VMware virtual machine installation system, and then move the mouse to the left Windows 7x64 position. 1VMware UEFI Figure 2
    2. Open this .vmx file with notepad, then copy the firmware = "EFI" to the .vmx file, and then save it:
    vmware uefi Figure 3
    3. Open the virtual Press the ESC on the screen, and the interface as shown in the figure below will appear. If you use the VMware virtual machine installation system under the Win7 system to install the system and convert the partition into the GPT format, then go out to the continue directly: r:
    vmware uefi Figure 4
    4. If you want to test UEFI, then return to the Boot Manager:
    vmware uefi Figure 5
    5. You can choose EFI VMWARE VIRTUAL SCSI Harddriver (1.0) and then return to enter the UEFI mode of the U disk:
    vmware uefi Figure 6
    The above is how to open the specific content of the VMwareFi mode. Everyone will use the VMware virtual machine installation system under the win7 system. In fact, the virtual machine installation system is also very simple. As long as you follow this method by Xiaobian Help.

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