5 thoughts on “I want to know whether the RMB is gold or silver”

  1. Don't be nonsense upstairs! As early as the Western economic crisis of the 1930s, the golden -level system gradually collapsed and was abandoned by all countries! The current RMB does not have a fixed gold content or silver content, neither gold or silver.

    The RMB in our country is not referred to as a credit base. According to this standard system, people can use one banknote to exchange another banknotes, but cannot be exchanged for precious metals. Contemporary Western economists believe that under the condition of gold or silver system, the currency supply of a country depends on its precious metal stock, and the precious metal stock depends on the exploration and mining of precious metals. Therefore The need for development. However, under the conditions of this system, the government can determine the currency supply. Therefore, it is more conducive to the government's regulation of the government.

  2. The RMB is neither gold nor a silver, but a paper -based position. The golden standard system is the currency system with gold as its own currency. The silver system is the currency system with silver as its own currency. Both gold and silver are precious metals, and they have a greater impact on all aspects, and only paper is not affected. Just print it.

  3. The RMB has no gold or silver system. Theoretically, if you want to issue as much as you want, it will be issued as much as possible.

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