1 thought on “If you spend 1 yuan in 2010 to buy Bitcoin, how much is it now?”

  1. In 2010, I was still addicted to the Red Police, World of Warcraft 3, CS, Blood Legend, Bubble, Running Kak, Jin Band, Dance Troupe, Journey to the West, go to the Internet cafe to see if there is any news on the buckle, and then I can't wait to order some Go to music and hurry into the game. I remember a person next to me in the Internet cafe told his friends that I just bought a pizza with 2,000 Bitcoin, and eaten in the middle of the night. I did n’t spend money. I used online currencies and let me remember it now.

    In the sentence of the country, illegal illegal

    When I knew Bitcoin, it was a friend of the Internet told me. At that time, I just graduated for a few years. There is no concept at all. At that time, I was only interested in some hackers' teaching. I also clearly remembered that what he told me at the time now has a digital currency. It may be appreciated

    . At that time, for me, it is definitely impossible to buy more than a few hundred yuan. I won't buy too much, let alone make a few times. Who knows that it will turn over hundreds of thousands of times. Lu Buwei's investment is estimated to have not earned so much [cover your face]

    , but I didn’t feel particularly special. Unfortunately, after all, my knowledge and concept are not worthy of this information. What's more comedy is that my friend did not buy [I want to be quiet]

    now more than 200,000 [Cover your face] [Cover your face] [Cover your face] [Cover your face] [Cover your face] If you regret it, if you buy it and sell it, you haven't made much money yet. [Cover your face] [Cover your face] [Cover your face] [Cover your face] [Cover your face]

    The story of Bitcoin transactions should be heard slightly. At first, a user sent 10,000 bitcoins and purchased it. A piece worth $ 25 pizza. The price of each Bitcoin is 0.0025 US dollars, which is about 0.02 yuan. If you can buy 50 dollars at 1 yuan at that time, it is worth 10 million. How many people have such a good vision in real life. Afterwards, if you return to 10 years, how can you spend 100 yuan and buy a few to play. [呲 呲]

    It if it is warm and not sold, it must be worth tens of thousands of thousands. Of course, you have to remember to hold the password [laugh]

    No matter how much it is worth it, it is not useful

    is estimated to be more than 200,000 yuan

    A when I heard Bitcoin first, I smiled because I didn't understand these things. When I saw Bitcoin for the second time, I had a hundred dollars a hundred dollars, and I also bought it. I also deliberately learned about what Bitcoin was. To be honest, a worker, the salary is not high, spending money to buy these things, I don't have such a big courage, and more importantly, not so advanced economic mind. Essence Essence Being cautious is a good thing, but sometimes too cautious, it will make yourself lose how many things you don't know. Intersection

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