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  1. I. The reason for the marketing phone is easy to block:
    (1) High frequency calling: Since the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and operators start in the second half of 2019, the comprehensive rectification of marketing telephones, if the traditional card dial mode is one hour in a short time in a short period of time Inner high frequency calls to reach more than 30 calls, and the operator's system directly detects and restricted exhalation. You can report to the operator to report the identity card once.
    (2) Human complaints: During the telephone communication process, there are harassment, abuse, poor attitude, etc. During the telephone communication process, the user directly reports the complaint to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and causes restrictions to stop.
    . How to solve the problem of title only uses the line dialing and line transit. There is no call record to avoid high frequency calling, so the title will not be blocked.
    The problem has always troubled me. Employees often have to run the business hall. The business cannot be carried out. The time cost is very high. The method of rotation of the line is finally resolved. The efficiency is much higher.
    Is my answer can help you

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