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  1. The use of tokens can be exchanged for rewards such as the global finals and Kay Yinzhi, but it cannot be obtained through human -machine and custom.
    LOL Global World Finals Mission has been opened. After completing the task, you can get the Global Finals. (2021) Coin.
    The tokens need to be unlocked after the pass can be collected. Summoners can get the Global Finals (2021) of the Summoner Canyon, Polar Rotation Model and Genting through the PVP mode.
    game settings:

    each hero can choose the main two -series runes of each hero before the start of each game. 2 ordinary runes; the deputy system can carry 2 ordinary runes; in addition, you can choose 3 attribute runes.
    5 The runes of the series are the "precision systems" that represent the strengthening and continuous damage, the "master system" that focuses on explosive damage and goes to the target, the "witchcraft system" representing the strengthening of skills and resource control, tendency to durability and control The "resolute department" and the "enlightenment department" with creative tools and bending rules.

  2. In the League of Legends games, the tokens are you play with a certain hero, you can get one from S, and then two token plus (pointing to that tokens it will prompt the player what to want), and then you can unlock it. The new icon of the hero is Ctrl 6's hero proficiency logo.

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