5 thoughts on “Picasso's paintings auctioned 660 million yuan. Do you think his painting is worth the price?”

  1. Picasso's paintings have been shot 660 million yuan in sky -high price. This price is very high. A listed company has a smaller profit of one year, which is 100 billion. This painting can make so much money. You have to understand from different perspectives. You can only say that there are different results in different angles.
    The saying that I feel right. The most valuable thing in the golden prosperity of the troubled times. When the natural disasters of the war occur frequently, the price of gold will rise rapidly because gold is hard currency. You have gold in your hands. You go to any country to exchange their official currency, or directly use this gold to buy things. It has actual purchasing power. This stuff is the most valuable. Because it has purchasing power, there is no loss of loss. The value of gold is very high. It is worth tens of thousands of dollars in a gold bar. It is enough to solve the income and expenditure of an ordinary family for almost a year.
    The cultural relics means that when the world gradually becomes peaceful, the economy is developing rapidly, and the comprehensive strength of various countries is continuously enhanced. When the people live and work in peace, the cultural relics begin to value, and the real estate begins to be valuable. Those history in history The characters painted by celebrities have become valuable hundreds of years ago, and even a cultural relics unearthed from a thousand or two years ago, but this thing in the war period is not worth it, because when you fight, you take a pair of pairs Picasso's painting, you change to each other, saying that you give me 100 pounds of food, I will give you this, do you think the other party will change it? The amount can be saved. How can he be good for painting?
    So when these cultural relics become more and more valuable, the world becomes more and more peaceful, and people's lives are more and more lively. It proves that people now do not simply meet their basic physiological needs, the safety needs of life, and gradually develop at higher levels of demand, and this thing is very expensive. It is just a lot of melon, and it does not have much effect.

  2. I think his paintings are so much money. Because the price of art is very high, it is Picasso's painting, which is naturally valuable.

  3. Picasso is a genius painter. His paintings are the treasures of town halls in many museums, so his paintings are indeed worth 660 million.

  4. I think the price of Picasso's painting value. Many rich people want to buy his work, and it is difficult to buy Picasso's works with money.

  5. Because this is a auction work, it is the person who gets it and feels that it is worth it. Others think that he is worth the price.

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