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  1. AC means that Crypto is a Bitcoin circle. The YFI (year.finance) created by AC has become a myth of the currency circle and chain circle, and has won Bitcoin. On March 6, an explosive news ignited the entire cryptocurrency circle: Antonnell, a FANTOM advanced solution architect, revealed on social media that he and AC () have decided not to continue to contribute to the DEFI and Crypto fields, and at the same time The 25 protocols involved in the development of the two will "stop operations" on April 3.
    The price of dozens of tokens has plummeted because of the news that multi -production developers claimed their withdrawal. Although there were long warning signals, the market responded to this news. The tokens related to the recently released (AMM) Solidly fell 75%on the same day. Similarly, the tokens of the automation platform Keep3R also fell 25%, and the tokens of the lending platform IRONBANK fell 50%. All these agreements are founded by Cronje.
    The same, most of the tokens of the Fantom ecosystem have dropped sharply. (BOO) fell 19%, (LQDR) fell 17%, TOMB fell 22%(TOMB) and (Geist) and fell 15%, although Cronje did not significantly participate in any development of them.

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