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  1. Now many symmetry and encryption algorithms produce a key pair, that is, the public and private key you ask ~
    Generally speaking, the public key is used to encrypt ~ The private key is used to decrypt it ~
    The private key is public, which is used on the client ~ and the public key is confidential ~
    For example ~
    In user name A, and public key 3, you can get a serial number 5
    then through private key 2, the serial number 5 can be decrypted to A,
    . This is easy to verify the legitimacy of the serial number without losing secret ~
    3 and 2 determination is to use some special functions to achieve it. There is a certain relationship between them. 3 can be easily launched 2, but 2 is difficult to launch 3 ~

  2. This is the non -symmetrical plus algorithm. The public and private keys are only available. The typical public key password system includes RSA, DSA, ECC, etc. Public key sharing, for certification and encryption, private keys for decryption and digital signatures.

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