5 thoughts on “Will all group members in the WeChat group really be permanently blocked?”

  1. This statement is a rumor. On May 9th, Luzhou Network Police inspected the official Weibo of the law enforcement issued: Today, some netizens privately sent a private message from the Luzhou network police to ask about the authenticity of the information. Links and other contents will be covered with groups, and the owners and members will be permanently tolded by the permanent title. "The news that the news was rumored that the news was a rumor, and the multi -area police have rumored.

    The Beijing police have already rumored: Yellow gambling poison information is indeed illegal, but it does not mean that an illegal information will involve every member. Essence
    It that, according to the weight of the bet involved, it will use warning, banning function, banned accounts, etc., for example, for minor gambling personnel, after the initial warning The group is not a collective name for all group members. We must not only reject yellow gambling poison, but also stay away from online rumors. To create a green network space requires the joint participation of each of us.
    This rumor platform reminded that although the release of information such as yellow gambling poison in WeChat groups will not lead to the title of all group members, netizens should still pay attention to the specifications of speech on the Internet. According to the "Internet Group Information Service Management Regulations" issued by the National Internet Information Office, Internet group information service providers and users shall not use the Internet group to spread laws and regulations and information content prohibited by relevant national regulations.
    It netizens should strictly follow relevant national laws and regulations when using social media such as WeChat. If you find illegal and harmful information in the WeChat group, you can click the complaint report.

  2. The Beijing Police has long been rumored: Yellow Gambling Poison Information is indeed illegal, but it does not mean that an illegal information will implicate every member, and the bad information of the WeChat circle does not engage in "sitting".

  3. If you will be named, others have reported it, or if you have always been like this in the WeChat group, the official will see

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