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  1. Select the appropriate orders in the fiat currency transactions on the webpage to buy and sell it. It is recommended to choose some order transactions with good reputation above.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I have seen your question. I am sorting out the answer, please wait a while ~nNowadays, there are many exchanges that can buy USDTs, such as the OKEX Exchange, the Binance Exchange, Huobi Exchange, etc. The following editors use the OKEX Exchange as an example to tell you about the Tyeda coin trading.n1. Register OKEX and log in, open the OKEX official website (www.ouyi.icu/) to enter the OKEX homepage, you can buy USDT with one click on OKEX through lightning transactions, fill in the amount you want to buy and choose the currency you want to buy (Select USDT), click to buy immediately, and enter the next one -click coin purchase order confirmation page.n1. Fund transfer. Before selling USDT to RMB, you need to transfer the USDT in the currency assets to the fiat currency account (you need to log in to the account to see it first) to find the USDT, click the transfer after clicking, and enter the number of USDTs to be transferred. 2. French currency transactions. Click the "fiat currency transaction" at the top navigation and click to enter. (Support bank cards, WeChat, Alipay payments) 3. Sell USDT. Choose "Sale -USDT" to see a lot of USDTs that are being sold. They have different prices and different payment methods. According to your own situation, choose one and click the USDT behind. PS: You need to pay attention to the lower limit, that is, the sale this time, the minimum to the maximum is worth the RMB, exceeding or below that cannot be sold to the advertiser, based on how much USDT you have to calculate. 4. Place the order to confirm. Select it, click on sale, the following selling page will pop up, enter the number of USDT you want to sell, you can also click all the back. 5. Waiting for transfer. Click the order, on the pop -up page, wait for the buyer to pay. At this time, the confirmation and release button is gray and cannot be clicked. You can also communicate with the buyer on the right dialog (in fact, it is not necessary at all)n6. Confirm and release. After receiving the payment, please click to confirm the receipt and let it go in time. How do you sell USDT coins the safest? Details introduced to the safest method of selling USDT coinsn3 morenBleak

  3. You can buy it through the platform, take the China currency platform as an example
    1, register the ZB account
    click "Registration" in the upper right corner of the homepage -select "Mobile Registration" or "Email Registration" -Fill the relevant information to complete Register
    2, recharge any currency
    Click "Finance" -click "Coin" -select "Any Coin" -copy the address or scan the QR code, recharge the address, the network will be confirmed after confirmation of the network, it will be confirmed. Automatic arrival
    3, trading any currency
    selects "spot transaction" on the homepage of the official website -select the trading area and currency category -choose "plan to buy and sell" or "limited price buy and sell and sell " - Enter the appropriate price and quantity -click" Buy and sell immediately "-on the order successfully
    or select" K -line transaction "
    Click on the" K -line transaction "of any currency on the homepage - - Enter the purchase volume in the lower right corner of the page -click "Buy now"

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