3 thoughts on “How to exchange the Jingdong E card?”

  1. Start the mobile phone Jingdong APP, enter the account password to log in, click the "My" switching page on the bottom right side of the main interface, and then select "My Wallet" to display the current binding E card balance. In front of the eye, it only supports self -operated goods, that is, the "self -operated" product.
    . How to exchange cash To use Jingdong Electronics Card, users must first bind them with Jingdong account. When using Jingdong Electronic Card, the minimum consumption amount is not limited. Jingdong Electronic Card can purchase self -operated goods at JD.com. The registration card is valid for 36 months, and there is no validity period for no registered card. For users, Jingdong Electronic Card can only be used for payment and cannot withdraw or transfer. Please use Jingdong Electronic Card correctly.
    . What is the difference between JD.com?
    The Jingdong E card is a single -purpose commercial prepaid card from Jingdong Mall. You can only buy a self -operated commodity in JD.com. Jingdong Card is a multi -purpose commercial prepaid card. You can buy all the products of JD Mall. Commodities, some group purchase, virtual products (such as mobile phone recharge cards, etc.). ) And products marked with the words of home appliances to the countryside or energy -saving subsidy. JD cards and Jingdong E cards cannot be used at the same time.
    . How to use Jingdong E card?
    First of all, you should log in to the official website of Jingdong Mall and choose the products you need. When choosing the goods, you must check the mate of JD. Because JD E-Card can only purchase self-employed products, you can add the selected products to the shopping cart to settle directly. When viewing the order information, you can directly enter the password of the Jingdong Electronic Card.
    In all, the Jingdong E card cannot be exchanged for cash or cash, but it is good to exchange the product. However, if you think that the E card is useless, you can try to transfer it, so that other consumers in need can use this card, so that you can make your funds back.

  2. 1. Open the Jingdong APP, pick a self -operated product of Jingdong, and click "Buy now".
    2, click "Jingdong Card/E Card", do not submit orders.
    3, select the new card.
    4, enter the JD card or E card password, click and use it.
    5, withdrawing the order, entering "My interface", the E card has been bound.
    6. Open the E card and click to help instructions.
    7. After viewing "Help Explanation", click to close it.
    8, or exchange operation on a third -party platform.

  3. Taking the mobile phone JD client as an example, after starting the mobile phone Jingdong APP, enter the account password to log in, select my wallet, bind the new card, enter the JD.com E card dense and determine, you can complete the exchange of JD.com. You can also find Beijing for recycling to recycle card

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