5 thoughts on “What is the use of Q coins to exchange Q coins into money?”

  1. Q coins are virtual currencies, which cannot be replaced directly to money. It has the following functions:
    1, number service ((monthly service: QQ member, 10Q coin/month))

    One of the favorite services, the QQ line number provides membership -level password protection, mobile phone pick -up password, mobile phone lock and other services, and the membership number also provides members' pretty numbers, friends group upload/download, members of members, members, membership, membership, members A series of functions such as mailboxes are loved by users. On the number service page of the Tencent website, you can apply for QQ line numbers and membership numbers with Q coins. You can also renew these numbers.

    2, QQ Show (monthly service: red diamond, 10Q coins/month)

    In Q coins to buy various virtual products for yourself or friends in QQ show mall: clothing , Scene, makeup ... You see, the charming, charming, cute, handsome and handsome images on QQ are decorated in the QQ show mall. Moreover, you can take a photo with netizens at the QQ Photo Pavilion!

    3, qq game (monthly service: blue diamond, 10Q coins/month)

    everyone should have noticed that in QQ2003, there is already QQ game function. Using Q coins can be exchanged for game coins, and it can also buy cheating props in the game!

    4, QQ dating

    QQ Dating Center is one of the most "fire" dating centers in China. Here you can not only find the information of various netizens, but also find the QQ number of the other party, and even give him/her virtual gifts. Also, the "dating function" can make you more accurately find someone you like!

  2. Q coins can be exchanged for game coins, (the method is to redeem in the mall of the game), and the game coin can buy VIP props, playing games is even better.
    q coins can buy Q show set, space set, space set, space set, Become VIP ... but it's all surface decorations.
    mi to change the RMB, but the risks and processes are more troublesome.
    The process is: online shops such as Taobao The prompt is to invest in Q coins.
    Then the trading afterwards can be done directly according to help/prompt/Baidu, etc., but pay attention, be careful. After all, the network is virtual and there are scammers.

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