4 thoughts on “After a man's online dating 140,000, he found that it was a scam. What was the problem?”

  1. It shows that in today's society, the possibility of online dating is actually a scam, and it is also hoped that relevant departments can increase punishment and supervision of online fraud. At the same time, you should also advise young people or single people to not fall in love easily, because the Internet is often virtual, and it is difficult to detect the true identity of the other party.
    Now many people will choose to fall in love on the Internet, because it is difficult for them to communicate in real life for them, and they also feel that making friends with others will be easier. Things, because you only need to chat with the other party through reading the text, you don't need to speculate on the other party’s inner activities, because when people talk directly face to face, they will consider the emotions of the other party and the expression on the face. If When the other party shows unhappy, the heart will be very afraid. I want to decisively or end the conversation as soon as possible, but it is not the same on the Internet, because everyone can post on the Internet that they want to say they want to say as they want to say on the Internet. If you don't need to look at each other's facial expressions, it will be a more relaxed and relaxed way for them, so many people will choose online dating, but do not know deceitful acts.
    It's opinion that online dating is indeed unbelievable, but it does not rule out that some people really find the love object that suits them on the Internet, and this is why many people are willing to choose to believe in online dating, but we are on the Internet on the Internet When making friends, you must be cautious about the other person's identity, because it is likely that there is a false identity information on the Internet, and when the other party requires a part of the amount or constantly asking you, you should be vigilant. Because if the other party really wants to fall in love with you, it will not ask you to pay for money, because making money on the Internet, there is actually no evidence. If you want to pass this in the future If the transaction is alarm, there may be no evidence to file the case.

  2. This incident explains that everyone must pay attention to ensuring their property safety and personal safety when they are online dating. Online dating is a very unreliable thing. We must perform correct control. In the process of online dating, try to try to try to try to try Don't involve money and personal privacy.

  3. It shows that everyone's current awareness of anti -fraud is still very poor. Online dating is a very unreliable thing, but because I am in love, I blindly choose to believe in others and seriously affect their normal life.

  4. It shows that online dating is not reliable at all, and it also shows that the current people's awareness of anti -fraud is weak and especially eager for love.

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