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  1. Introduction: When I was a kid, it was a very happy thing to charge the money. When I grew up, it was a painful thing to give the New Year's money. People of different ages have a different understanding of New Year's money. Do you know what the meaning of New Year's money is? Why do people give money when they are Chinese New Year? If you want to know the origin and auspicious meaning of New Year's money, please see the introduction I brought below.

    Teoning New Year's money is the traditional Chinese custom of the Han nationality. Generally, the elders are presented to the red envelopes to the younger generation at the end of the year.
    The earliest New Year's money appeared in the Han Dynasty. At that time, it was also called overwhelming money, or the money. These money was not a currency circulating on the market, but a kind of evil spirits wearing coins. "New Year's Money" has two meanings, one is the "sullen". "Suddenly the legendary little monster. It is said that some people use red paper to put eight copper coins on the child's pillow with red paper after the New Year's Eve to protect the children from" sneaky ". "".
    . There is another saying "surprise". It is said that in ancient times, there was a kind of fierce beast called "year", and every 365 days would appear in the world in the night. At first, people used food to comfort the children who were frightened when they drove the "year". Over time, they gradually evolved into a currency food. Until the Song Dynasty, they had a "surprise money".
    This money at the beginning was not really giving money, but a symbolic thing like money to play a deterrent effect. As the elders wrapped a piece of ocean to their children in the New Year, the meaning of New Year's money happened only the meaning of New Year's money. Major changes. Since then, the statement of the New Year's Qian Qian Demon has gradually evolved into a beautiful and inspirational meaning that he hopes that juniors will rise step by step. He hopes that juniors will be healthy and peaceful in the new year.

    Muchina for New Year's money
    The New Year's money is a unique custom of a local. How much is it suitable? According to the average standard, about 500 yuan is very common, but it also needs to be based on its own real situation. If you earn more, you can give more, and you can give less if you earn less. The key is not to compare with others. According to CCTV survey, most people think that it is appropriate Yuan's most people.
    The New Year's money is to indicate that there will be good luck in the coming year, but for most people, the best thing is based on your own economic strength, and do not deliberately pursue anything. The most basic principle of how much the New Year's money should be given is to do with force. The most swollen face is a fat man, and the face must be sinned, because the New Year's money is only part of the New Year's custom, to express the expectations of the elders for the elders, and to create a festive atmosphere to create a festive atmosphere If you invest a lot of money for your face, it will eventually cause the New Year's psychology to be uncomfortable, wouldn't it be upside down. Therefore, how much New Year's money should be given.
    This amount of New Year's money, commonly a hundred, or auspicious numbers. First category: 100, 200, 400, 500, 600, 800, 1000 Two Category: 66, 88, 128, 266, 288, 666, 888.
    The change of New Year's money
    1, "post -50" 2 points for New Year's money is precious.
    This at a few cents sound, but for the children at that time, it was enough to buy snacks such as peanuts, sugar pieces.
    2. "Post -60s" receive a stack of fur tickets.
    The New Year's money for the "post -60s" has a few cents, and you can have a stack of hair tickets after a few relatives.

    3. "After the 70s" for 10 yuan "Great Unity".
    The elders will use a 5th and 1 yuan to make a 10 yuan bag of red envelopes, and the children will replace the thick stack with a "big solidarity".
    4. The "post -80s" New Year's money is used to buy a falling gun.
    The New Year's money, but after receiving it, several children put the money together to buy firecrackers, toy guns, etc.
    5. The "post -90s" 100 yuan bills are stuffed with wallets.
    In the "90s", New Year's money has already entered the era of 100 yuan.
    6, "post -00" WeChat grab red envelopes.
    Compared with cash red envelopes, "post -00s" prefer online red envelopes such as WeChat and Alipay as New Year's money.
    7. "After 10" to give money than buying an iPad.
    than money, the "post -10" prefers things. Of course, in recent years, the form of money has become more diverse, and mobile phones, stocks, etc. have become a new trend.

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