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  1. The position refers to the number of specific products, securities, currencies, etc. held or owned by individuals or entities.
    For example, when built a position in futures transactions, the position held after buying futures contract is called multi -headed position, referred to as bulls for short; The difference between the commodity unsuitled multi -head contract and the short -position short contract is called the net position. It is just that there are such methods in futures transactions, and there is no such practice in spot transactions.
    In foreign currency transactions, "establishing a position" means opening. The opening is also called openness, which is to buy one currency and sell another currency at the same time. After the opening, it has one currency (bulls), short (short) another currency.
    The premise of making a profit at the appropriate exchange rate level and the timing of the timing. If the time to enter the market is better, the opportunity to make a profit is great; on the contrary, if the time to enter the market is improper, it will be prone to losses. The net position refers to the difference between the transaction between one currency and the other currency obtained after the opening.
    Pucting data
    1. Insufficient positioning
    The trader can perform positioning operations when the market goes the trend. , Traders should be cautious to add orders, even without orders, which can reduce possible losses.
    2, do not be too big in the position
    Stimemus, try not to be too big when creating a position. The larger the position is more dangerous when trading, and it is not conducive to rational management operations. Traders can also choose to build positions. Or investors can also use pyramids to build positions. The amount of the position of the position is smaller than the last time, and do not add positions on the basis of losses.
    3, the management position is as simple as possible
    Is when managing the positions you established, you should start with simplified graphics and indicators to manage or establish positions. The simpler the management, the more conducive to the operation.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Deline (Chinese Words)

  2. The position is the warehouse receipt. If you hold a lot of orders in the futures, it means that you hold a long -headed position. If you hold the empty order, it means that you hold a short position.

  3. The position is the trend of funds, all of which are large, in terms of 10,000. The position plus 250, which means that the account receives 2.5 million money on the account

  4. What does commercial bank position mean

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