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  1. The altitude of the Yulong Snow Mountain is 5596 meters, and there will be altitude reactions. The altitude altitude reaction varies from person to person. Methods to prevent altitude response in Yulong Snow Mountain:
    1) Start taking to prevent altitude response one week in advance. Drugs, Ao Molan tablets, American ginseng, glucose solution, etc.
    2) As soon as you enter the plateau, you should move slowly and not fast. Do not walk quickly, let alone run, you can't do physical labor, it is best to completely rest for a long time.
    3) The temperature difference between the plateau is particularly large, and it is easy to catch a cold. It should be kept warm to prevent colds and respiratory infections caused by cold. Cold is one of the main causes of acute plateau pulmonary edema. The clothing with enough cold (long -sleeved sweater, preferably with down vest or vest).
    4) Do not overeating, so as not to aggravate the burden of digestive organs, it is best not to drink and smoke.
    5) Eat more vitamin -rich foods such as vegetables and fruits. Drinking more water can effectively maintain the water in the body and increase the body's resistance.

  2. The temperature on the mountain is stronger than the bottom, the wind is strong, and the clothes are wearing one more (with) one. You don't need to rent a down jacket.
    It the need for oxygen cylinders to buy in the pharmacy in the city, it is estimated that there are only 10 yuan. It is too expensive to be taken by the tour guide or attractions.
    The polarized mirror is best to bring, otherwise Xueqing Day will be dazzling.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer hello, here is in the inquiry for you, please wait a little wow kisses ~nHello, here I ask you to prepare for the Yulong Snow Mountain. 1. Certificate of Yulong Snow Mountain before traveling, you must prepare ID cards, student IDs, valid officer certificates, senior certificates and other documents. Delivery is free of votes. Also prepare the hotel pre -order, air ticket itinerary, boarding pass, etc., and it is recommended to prepare a small file bag to install the documents. 2. The most important thing for cash tourism is to bring a wallet, a bank card, a credit card, a 20%more money than the budget, and then 20 pieces of 1 yuan, coins, and carrying it. However, it should be noted that it is best to separate the ID card from the bank card. 3. The warm clothes are usually arrived at Lijiang because they go to Yulong Snow Mountain, and the temperature in Lijiang most of the time and region is high. It can be used in summer. Bring short -sleeved shorts and long -sleeved jackets. However, if you want to climb the snow mountain, long -sleeved clothes, fleece jackets and corresponding warm clothes, such as cotton clothes and down jackets, be ready. 4. No matter where you travel, some basic medicines need to be carried, such as cooling oil, dermatitis, cold medicine, diarrhea, mosquito solution, band -aid, soda water, anti -altitude reaction medicine, motion sickness medicine, solution, solution Summer medicine and so on. Especially for anti -altitude reactions, because the Yulong Snow Mountain is high, the mountains and snow areas are more than 4000 meters above sea level, and the altitude reaction is prone to occur. 5. Food Yulong Snow Mountain Scenic Area has few restaurants, and the price is more expensive. The taste is not particularly good. Therefore, it is generally self -provided dry grain on the snow mountain. You can carry foods with strong sense of fullness such as biscuits and chocolates.nIt is my honor to help you! wish you a happy life! If you think it is helpful to you, please work hard! Thank you for your dear ~ [[比] []]] [Bicoxin]n1 morenBleak

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