2 thoughts on “How to recharge the fish balls of Douyu TV, can you recharge? How much is one dollar”

  1. There are two ways to recharge Douyu.
    1 is a web game recharge. The computer opens the Douyu webpage and enters any live broadcast room. The taskbar in the lower left corner is opened. There is a row of web game tasks. Among them, there are rechargeable fish balls. Basically, it is 100 yuan 5000 fish balls.
    This is the remuneration system. Also in any live broadcast room, in the upper right corner, get shark fin, click, there will be prompts to enter the recharge page. 15 shark fin 1000 fish balls. It should be 10 yuan a shark fin.

  2. Douyu TV recharge fish balls
    1: Find WeChat APP in your mobile phone and click to enter.
    2: Click the " " icon at the upper right end of the WeChat app, select "Add Friends", and click to enter.
    3: Find the "public account" at "Add Friends" and click to enter.
    4: Search the keyword "" in the input box "" want to charge technology "" to screen, and you can rush after attention.

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