How to do business licenses!

I would like to ask myself a civilian room and prepare to engage in the game agent inside. I am afraid that I will be checked at that time and want to apply for a business license. What do you do? Because there is no such type in the business license, whether you can handle other licenses similar to the industry.

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  1. There is no business license, and there are no laws and regulations on this piece.

    The business license is a voucher for the industrial and commercial administrative agency to the industrial and commercial enterprise and individual operators to engage in a certain production and operation activities. The format is uniformly stipulated by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.
    This registration items are: name, address, person in charge, amount of funds, economic ingredients, business scope, business methods, number of employment, business period, etc. The business license is divided into form and copy, and the two have the same legal effect. It should be placed in the eye -catching location of the company's residence or business place, and the business license shall not forge, modify, rent, lend, and transfer.
    If industrial and commercial enterprises or individual operators without business licenses are not allowed to open, they shall not engrave the official seal, sign contracts, register trademarks, and publish advertisements. Banks will not open accounts.

  2. Rent a house with a suitable size
    Buy some computers
    In some people `` `` `
    I used to open the World of Warcraft Gold Coin Studio, earning nearly 300,000
    You need to allocate the task for you to allocate 12 hours a day to keep for 24 hours. Someone goes to work!
    The active work market you need to investigate the game market. Which online game is very high and which game is the lowest. It is like you want to practice blood and lakes and World of Warcraft. The same) `` `

    It you need to play your signboard, invest some money on the game website, or make a publicity in the local Internet cafe (do not post advertisements, otherwise It ’s not fun to be caught)` `in the game, the world shouted that no one would care about your
    . Finally, if you want to do well in the studio, the first two are essential. But the most important thing is to hide your studio, because that is illegal! Of course, you can drive at your home for safety, and find a few friends you know to help you! If you caught it lightly, please make some money, and you will confiscate your computer and add a lot of fines to you. Oh `` I want to do a small investment in the studio haha ​​``

  3. I am very happy to answer your questions. You can ask for this question. I used to start a game studio. I specially helped people practice, brush B, and sell virtual currencies. I don’t know if you asked. There is no need to register. Now the country has no laws and regulations on this piece, but some policies will be introduced later. If you, 1 is tedious 2 is not necessary. The virtual currency now does not have a specialized agency in this regard, so this is good for you, which can save some taxes. If you want to register a company, you can register a network service company.

  4. Without industry licenses, the entire industrial and commercial license can also be used, and there is no special industry in the business scope. If you pick up the order, you can also look at us.

  5. Um, this thing, no one cares about you when you are small, do not need to do it, you can do it when you get to a hundred Taiwan. Now you can practice it. You can think about how to balance the payments.

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