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  1. The international credit card payment is a third -party payment platform on the basis of the establishment of an institution with the bank's establishment of institutions, and develops special merchants through sales channels. In accordance with the international mainstream credit card receipt industry specifications, it provides online transactions, funds liquidation, query statistics and other functions. Real -time monitoring merchants' trading behavior, preventing corresponding transaction risks, ensuring the security of funds, and realizing the online payment function of international bank cards.

    Payment factor: bank card number, validity period, CVV and mobile phone verification code
    n n international credit card online payment channel settlement process as shown in the figure:

    In any currency settlement overseas, banks will be converted into the corresponding RMB amount at that time. When the customer returns, it will only pay the RMB account. And if the customer goes not to be settled in the US dollar or euro, according to the original traditional dual currency card, then the customer's consumption is converted from the local currency to the US dollar to account, and the customer will purchase US dollars repay after returning to the country. There is a certain currency exchange fee in the middle, and the general currency conversion fee is about 1.5%of the transaction amount.

    In general, the settlement fee for international credit card online payment channels is mainly the exchange rate difference, of course, it may also involve the commission and other costs charged by the platform.
    If inquiry to handle foreign trade collection channel credit card payment receipt channel international credit card collection channels, foreign trade online store collection, online payment channels. Quickhui Payment provides professional international credit card collection channels for foreign trade online stores: 1. Independent domestic latest channels to ensure the stability and security of the channel. Our channel success rate is above 90%, 2. Support VISA, Master, Master Card, a variety of languages, a variety of foreign currency payments 3. Real -time settlement, avoiding exchange rate risk 4. Website limited access number is the highest number of peers 5. The minimum fee rate of international cartoon channels, no withdrawal fee 6. The settlement cycle of the settlement 6. Short, the only payment channel with no fine in the peers 7. Zero frozen account -we support individual account opening 8.3D channels, non -3D real -time channels, non -3D delay channels, real -time delay VIP channels, multi -channel options, no need to worry about transaction failure, no longer refusal to pay because of refusal to pay for payment And trouble.

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