5 thoughts on “Is Plus coin legal?”

  1. Illegal
    Plus Token claims that its mobile payment application has millions of user bases. Therefore, the corresponding infrastructure of Plus Token must have a high rate of adoption. But why didn't you list Plus token? Why can't you find a transaction Plus token on any mainstream trading platform? Why can't you find the independent data of any Plus Token chart? This is because no serious institution gives any credit to Plus Token. This may be a Ponzi scam because it promises investors to profit from investment. However, the followers of Plus Token are also advertising to new investors, which may make it a pyramid -type MLM structure. No matter what it is, it must be a scam.

  2. I heard that it seems that it is still the block of ETH. Many people recharge the ETH address above China currency, but there is no PLUS coin on it, so many people are recharging.

  3. PLUS currency is illegal. First of all, look at digital currencies such as Bitcoin Ethereum. The central bank has long said that digital currency is a wealth management and financial product, which proves that its legitimacy has been recognized. Plustoken is a full ecological financial platform based on blockchain technology. It has a strong hematopoietic function. After entering the wallet, the customer's principal enters the wallet a lot. Nothing. As for this time, it is forced to suspend for a series of reasons such as hackers and other reasons, and spend heavy money to build a new system, and actively contact the governments to hug supervision, so it takes a long time. Some black media on the Internet maliciously slanderous, scared only the people who do not know about PLUS, because there are too many Chinese scams, very simple questions. Which fund has been running for 2 months, but the funds are still publicly public. On the chain? Since a large number of reports say that Chen Zihan is a trader, why is he not judged for 2 months ?? If he is related to Plus, why should there be so many creations in China, shouldn't it be a large number of crackdown on MLM? Intersection The brain is a good thing. You must know how to use it. Don't be led by others, don’t do it for the tiger.

  4. Plustoken has been listed as MLM. Before the Changsha police arrested a batch, it was recommended to change to other mainstream currency investment.

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