1 thought on “How to buy USDT credit cards”

  1. Credit cards cannot purchase USDT
    USDT is Tether USD (USDT), a token Tether USD (USDT), which is launched by Tether.
    usdt issuance and transaction uses the OMNI (original) protocol, which is a 2.0 currency based on Bitcoin blockchain. The USDT transaction confirmation and other parameters are consistent with Bitcoin. Users can exchange US dollars to the bank account provided by Tether, or exchange USDT through the exchange. When redeemed the US dollar, the reverse operation can be. Users can also use Bitcoin for USDT on the exchange.
    Tether Company strictly abide by the 1: 1 reserve guarantee, that is, each USDT tokens issue, its bank account will have 1 US dollar fund guarantee. Users can conduct capital inquiry on the Tether platform to ensure transparency.

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