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  1. Determine the sale point through the departure: the bottom back is the opportunity to buy, and the departure is the opportunity to sell. WR bottom deviation means that when the trend of the stock price K -line diagram is lower than that of a peak, the stock price has been falling, but the WR curve trend on the WR index chart has higher than the peak from the low position. The high probability of stock price will rebound; the departure is the opposite of the bottom.
    In the oversold area to judge the sale point: when W

  2. The actual combat usage of futures WR indicators
    1, the most stable use environment for the WR index is the volatile market.
    2, the WR index is not easy to miss the big market, nor is it easy to claim at high prices, but because it is too sensitive, in operation, it can be analyzed in combination with the RSI index.
    3, when WR> 80, start buying; when WR u003C20, start selling.
    4. When the bottoming is off, start buying
    5. Use the WR index formula to adjust the cycle to the daily line, 60 minutes, 30 minutes, 15 minutes, wait
    a, when WR is higher than 80 higher than 80 , Stocks are in a state of oversold, the stock price decline is basically exhausted, the stock price will rise, and investors can go to the venue.
    b, when WR is less than 20, the stock is in a super -buying state, the stock price rising power is basically exhausted, the stock price will fall, and investors should play in time.
    c, when WR is below 20, forming a W -bottom, dual bottom, triple bottom, multiple bottom or head or shoulder bottom, indicating that the stock price is seriously over buy, the stock price will fall, and friends should quickly appear.
    D, when WR is above 80, forming M head, double top, triple top, multiple top or head or shoulder top, indicating that the stock price is severe oversold, the stock price will rise, you can choose to go to the venue.

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