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  1. Due to the loss due to the loss of illegal fundraising, the loss suffered due to the participation of illegal fundraising. The illegal fund -raising participants referred to in the "Draft for Solicitation of Opinions" refers to units and individuals who have invested funds for illegal fund -raising.
    illegal fund -raising is a fundraising that has not been approved by the department that has not been approved by the relevant department according to law, including the approval of the department without approval authority; the department with the approval authority surpasses the permission to approve the fundraising, that is, the fundraising person does not have the subject qualification of the fundraising, and it promises to give it within a certain period of time. The investor also pays interest. In addition to currency forms, the form of interest paying interest also has physical forms and other forms; funds are raised from unspecified objects from society. The "unspecified object" here refers to the public, rather than a specific minority; covering the essence of illegal fundraising in a legal form.
    illegal fund -raising must have "four conditions" at the same time:
    (1) absorb funds without the approval of or borrowing legal operations in accordance with the law;
    (2) through media, promotion conferences, etc. Public propaganda to the society;
    (3) Proposal to repay the principal and interest within a certain period of time;
    (4) absorb funds to unspecular objects to the society -individuals absorb more than 30 people; Answer deposits above.
    The difference between expansion data and illegal fund-raising-
    O person to do business, buy a house, and borrow money from surrounding relatives. It is one thing. Money, from the regulations, is another matter.
    Therefore, there are already ancient lending loans, and there are more loans from relatives and friends. It is only a private loan. It is not a legal financial activity. It does not require the approval of the central bank. Essence However, once it is widely reported through modern media, more than 30 people absorb deposits can be regarded as illegal absorption of public deposits.
    we can know that due to participation in illegal fund -raising behaviors, our rights and interests are infringed, then some participants bear their own losses. The participants here refer to the units and individuals of illegal fundraising. The biggest difference between illegal fundraising and ordinary commercial behavior is that illegal fundraising behaviors have not been approved by relevant departments.
    The Vice President Luo Guoliang, the Supreme People's Court, said that "absorbing funds to the public, that is, unspecified objects of society," is a necessary condition for identifying illegal fundraising. Some people did not publicize publicity to the society, but absorbed funds in specific objects within their relatives or units. In this case, because the fundraising object is specific, it is limited to the limited scope of relatives and friends circles or internal personnel of the unit. It is not a "public", so it does not meet the social characteristics of illegal fundraising. This behavior of "absorbing funds for specific objects" does not belong to illegal fundraising.

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