1 thought on “Who will bear the loss due to the loss of illegal fundraising”

  1. Illegal fund -raising participants shall bear their own losses due to participation in illegal fundraising.
    illegal fund -raising is a fundraising that has not been approved by the department that has not been approved by the relevant department according to law, including the approval of the department without approval authority; the department with the approval authority surpasses the permission to approve the fundraising, that is, the fundraising person does not have the subject qualification of the fundraising, and it promises to give it within a certain period of time. The investor also pays interest. In addition to currency forms, the form of interest paying interest also has physical forms and other forms; funds are raised from unspecified objects from society. The "unspecified object" here refers to the public, rather than a specific minority; covering the essence of illegal fundraising in a legal form.
    illegal fund -raising must have "four conditions" at the same time: (1) absorbing funds without the approval of the relevant department in accordance with the law or borrowing legal operations; ) The commitment to repay the principal and interest within a certain period;

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