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  1. The "virtual currency" scam was exposed, and some people were deceived million
    The "virtual currency" scam was exposed. Some people were deceived by millions. Field scam. Don't trust the so -called good opportunities, be cautious about making fast money in a short time. The "virtual currency" scam is exposed, and some people are deceived by millions.
    The "virtual currency" scam was exposed. Some people were deceived by the blessing of the concept of the Yuan universe. Various NFT chain tour projects flourished. Criminal gangs also followed the wind. Tokens are online decentralized exchanges.
    Ling Feng revealed that such cyber pyramid schemes with virtual currency as gimmicks had emerged as early as three or four years ago, and there were more foreign countries. "The characteristics of such cases are obvious. Basically, the concepts of new virtual currency -related concepts are used to attract people to participate in investment." He said.
    Ling Feng said, "On the platforms such as Twitter, Post Bar, if someone takes the initiative to talk privately and introduce you to their projects, then these can be basically judged as a scam; MLM. "

    The" Research Report Research Research Research Research Research Research Research Research Research Research Research Research Research Research Research Research Report "(hereinafter referred to as the" Report "), the model of the virtual currency MLM case mainly includes the exchange Model, wallet mode, false "smart contract" model, smart contract mode, mining machine leasing mode, cloud mining machine mode, quantitative robot mode, short video mode, matrix DAPP mode, chain tourist universe mode.
    The "Yuan Universe" of the current fiery "Yuan Universe" as an example, under the blessing of the concept of the Yuan universe, various NFT chain tour projects are booming, and criminal gangs also keep up with the air outlet, developing so -called chain -travel projects, issuing game tokens And online decentralized exchanges.
    The "Report" pointed out that this type of case is usually attracting investors to enter the venue through hot spots and well -known projects, continuously raising the value of the game token, and relying on the high income of dynamic and static combination to attract more. Multi -speculators join, and its essence is still the mainstream currency consumed by the user's exchange of platform coins to expand the capital pool. The project party took the opportunity to set up money.
    If people in the industry said that as a new type of network pyramid scheme, virtual currency MLM has strong hiddenness, but fraud is inseparable from its ancestors. The qualifications are added; the second is to pull people's heads. The income of MLM participants comes from the costs paid by the offline members they have developed; the third is a duplex reward, and the number of direct or indirect development personnel is paid based on the amount of payment.
    The aforementioned situation, relevant departments are also increasing regulatory efforts. For example, at the end of February 2022, the Supreme People's Court first included virtual currency transactions into the situation of illegal absorption funds. In addition, the China Banking Regulatory Commission has previously issued a risk prompt on preventing illegal fund -raising in the name of "the universe".

    The reporter noticed that during the two sessions of this year, many representatives of the CPC National Congress and CPPCC members also expressed the view of strengthening the relevant industrial supervision of the Yuan universe. Member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the Dean of the Fifth Space Information Technology Research Institute, and the honorary chairman of the Shanghai Information Security Industry Association, Tan Jianfeng said that at present, NFT virtual arts based on blockchain technology (such as cartoon portraits, electronic oil painting) Waiting for the "Yuan Universe", but supervision is more difficult to implement, which may form a new money laundering channel.
    "To deepen the development of the digital economy, it is necessary to integrate and develop with the real economy, but at the same time, we must beware of the use of national development planning and hot spots to create a new virtual economy bubble to prevent others from drilling the policy bonus 'empty', cutting Investors 'leek'. "Tan Jianfeng said.
    Mania Wang Peng, an associate professor of Renmin University of China, told reporters that there are currently endless network frauds including telecommunications fraud and illegal fundraising, mainly using the two mentality of the public. One is new technologies, new elements or new applications. Everyone is generally I do n’t understand; the second is speculative, and I want to make a quick money without understanding.
    For this reason, Wang Peng put forward the following suggestions to prevent network fraud with the concept of the Yuan universe and NFT as a gimmick. The first is that the relevant government regulatory authorities should strengthen their strikes, discover relevant clues in time, cut off and deal with them in time. Instead of talking about the transformation of small problems into large social issues before dealing with it;

    is that related professional institutions such as industry associations should introduce related industry rules for new technologies such as Yuan Universe and NFT, Strengthen the education of the public; the third is that the public media must strengthen relevant publicity. On the one hand, it is to strengthen the propaganda of the technology application itself and remove the mystery of technology.
    "In the end, I think from my own perspective, one is to strengthen the learning of technology. Carefulness should be cautious about making fast money in a short time, and issues should be considered in the long run. "Wang Peng said.
    The "virtual currency" scam was exposed. Some people have been deceived by millions of 2nd recently. More than 150,000 young people in the Philippines are addicted to playing a pet to make money. The principle is that players get electronic cards by raising a small elves. This card is actually a virtual currency. Players can freely trade on a special network encrypted trading platform in exchange for reality currency.
    This people can get virtual currencies by "mining", and they can get income ranging from hundreds of dollars per month. This is essentially a blockchain game with a game coat. However, in the Philippines with a monthly monthly income of about 200 US dollars, playing games can also get a lot of income, which is undoubtedly attractive for young people Essence
    , it is necessary to see that it is unstable to achieve profit through the blockchain token game, and it is even more likely to be a scam. For example, the "Mars Volunteer" blockchain game, which is popular at the beginning of this year, although the Yuan universe and Musk have been on the promotion of "making money while playing" and the income is as high as 10,000 times, it is necessary to spend more than 600 yuan to buy virtual currency. The high -yield of the final game promoted the collapse of the currency value into a bubble.

    The on this kind of behavior, in the "Risk Tips on Preventing illegal Funding in the Name of the" Cosmic Universe "in the name of illegal fundraising in the name of the" Yuan Universe "on February 18 this year, some criminals are hot, It absorbs funds in the name of "Yuan Cosmic Investment Project" and "Yuan Cosmic Chain Games", and is suspected of illegal fundraising and fraud. In essence, how much the virtual tokens obtained by playing games are based on the extremely unstable market transaction value. Once it collapses, it will eventually become a bubble game.
    Therefore, China has always paid attention to the supervision of Bitcoin and others. In May last year, the State Council's Financial Stable Development Committee held a meeting to resolutely prevent and control financial risks and crack down on Bitcoin mining and transaction behavior. From the perspective of pure technology, professional mining machines are far better than machines that play games in the blockchain "mining" efficiency. China once occupied more than 60%of the global "mine", and many "miners" set up massive mining machines in places where small water and electricity were found in China.
    However, even if China can obtain some overseas income through various currencies such as Bitcoin, it still resolutely shut down the mine in various places, and its computing power accounts for a global proportion to below 5%. This is the correct decision, because the huge amount of energy is only used to produce the bargaining chips of the casino. It is not beneficial to China as a whole. Many people find that the price of the previous graphics card has risen, which is related to a large number of graphics cards for mining. If young people participate in blockchain currency hype, the consequences will be worse.

    . There are not many countries that resolutely supervise and shut down various blockchain currency speculation as China. Korean youths participated in digital currency games due to huge pressure on life and expected to get rich overnight. In the winter of 2017, two -thirds of the world's largest Bitcoin transactions occurred in South Korea.
    There is no doubt that the development of digital technology is the highlight of the global economy since the new century, but it is not necessarily a good thing for young people in the "E era". In the era of rapid development of digital technology, young people in most countries around the world are affected by various myths of wealth, and their awareness of wealth is also changing. The way the previous generation worked hard on the factories and accumulated wealth on the hearts of young people "the general trend has gone", which is not attractive.
    Then countries such as the Philippines and other labor force and lack of employment opportunities, even the factory assembly lines with general income are also a good starting point for young people, and the factory can solve a large number of employment, and the local government is very welcome. However, electronic culture invades these countries first, and only low -end computers and mobile phones need to make young people in the entire country addicted to it.

    Therefore, some countries realize that this problem will guide digital technology to the correct use, such as advocating remote teaching during the epidemic, time to restrict young people playing games, and supervising the content of the game. However, the development level of countries around the world is different. It is not easy to achieve the results of digital technology through development. It has put forward higher challenges to further prosperity and disadvantages.
    No matter how technology improves, the state wants to achieve long -term development, and the spiritual core of young people cannot be lost. Calling the fog weaving in technology, and correctly understanding the Ponzi schemes or foam economic hype under all kinds of new packaging is the deserved meaning of a positive energy society.
    In the continuous progress of various technologies such as artificial intelligence, robots, and new energy, maybe one day, the labor nature of traditional industries will change essentially, but this change requires young people to real scientific and technological innovation , Instead of increasingly indulging in "capital and humanity" foam games.
    The "virtual currency" scam was exposed. Some people were deceived in the daily life of millions of million. There are often strange telephone claims that free pull people enter the stock group; on the network platform, there are often various stock lectures. Many people hold the mentality of not spending money to enter the group and listen to the class. However, they did not expect to fall into the vortex of cheating step by step, and the losses were heavy. During the investigation, the reporter found that the so -called "teachers" in these stock groups first recommend stocks. After gaining trust, they will recommend virtual digital currencies issued by themselves to deceive investors' money.
    "virtual currency" claims to be 100 times the premium website to close the roll runway.
    The reporter lurked into the stock group as an investor and found that many victims across the country entered the group because of free.
    Source of sound -A stock group lecture Audio: Betman is the first and only digital currency platform in my country to go online. The platform to issue its platform currency is equivalent to its stock and IPO. I expect its platform currency to premium of 10 to 20 times, or even 100 times a premium.

    Under the so -called 10 to 100 times huge profits, many people buy a large number of "virtual currency". Suddenly, the Betman virtual currency trading platform closed overnight without warning. The stock group was disbanded and no so -called "teacher" or "customer service" could no longer be contacted. All funds invested by the victims could not be withdrawn. Some victims said that the amount of deceived was as high as one million yuan.
    It Beijing investor: 1 o'clock in the morning on April 9th, after waking up in the middle of the night, I took a look at this disk. I found that the platform could not be opened, all the numbers were gone, and my account number was empty. Those groups are gone, and all links cannot be opened. I was deceived more than 400,000 yuan, and I was deceived more than 1 million yuan.
    Sugs in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province: My husband is sick, and we loans out. Basically, more than 1 million yuan is loan. The main problem now is that children are reading. The credit card does not affect credit reporting. Children can't read it. My credit will have problems.

    . A lady with a stock of nearly 20 years has a very cautious investment and feels that she will definitely not be deceived. At first, it was not moving to watch other people in the group operating digital currencies with the teacher. However, as the people in the group kept exposed to some high -profile profit screenshots and the continuous brainwashing of "teacher", they also invested the first money with a try mentality.
    Investors in Pingdingshan, Henan Province: I still can't help the temptation. I first transferred in 4,000 yuan, hit a new prize, and bought it at 12 pm, which is equal to 44,000 yuan. After investing in, he said that this was a lock -up period, and the platform coins began to issue, and the platform currency was 10 times the profit.
    I Xia Yu, a lawyer of Beijing Kangda Law Firm: The provisions of Article 266 of the Criminal Law in our country, suspected of fraud, and according to the specific criminal circumstances, the highest may be sentenced to more than 10 years in prison. Even life imprisonment.
    This lectures as a guise to deceive the elderly
    Why can this common `fraud routine be tried and tested? The reporter found that, in addition to the trust of the victims to win the emotional card, the most important thing is that these fraud gangs have repeatedly impersonated some large formal financial platforms to endorse themselves, compile some false overnight wealth stories, and seduce victims to hook.

    The reporter saw in the stock group that this online lecture platform is called "Langson Double Lecture Hall". Investors joined through their stock lecture ads. Many people first entered the platform to listen to the class with a mentality of trying to see. In addition to lectures, the so -called "teacher" in the middle of the night will also send a long text to "students" to answer questions, with the "assistant teacher" with the beauty avatar, and answer the "student" stock question at any time. After gradually gaining trust, "Teacher" lobby "students" to buy virtual digital currencies.
    Sugs in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province: I started to recommend a few stocks to make money, and he didn't care later, and kept asking you to hold it, and then said that the big market is not good now. Sell ​​all the stocks to buy new coins.
    It Beijing Investors: The profit of virtual currency is too high. As high as a few dollars in a while, it will rise up in dozens of dollars. Our dial is 10 times that of the final frying. He lectured on a seductive lecture, and his feelings were very strong, and he was particularly concerned about people.
    The victims told reporters that they had doubts, but the fraud gangs repeatedly used the status of large securities firms as an endorsement to confuse investors. It will be banned or kicked out of the group soon, and in the end, all the victims who have not been exposed to virtual currencies and lack financial knowledge.

    The victim revealed to reporters that until now, they have never seen this so -called securities company Li, and they don't even know his full name.
    and they reacted afterwards. The "Betman virtual currency trading platform" did not actually exist. Self -acting number illusion.
    The five types of network fraud have repeatedly banned the risk of the police.
    At present, many victims have reported the case. The reporter found in the investigation that there are still many similar fraud gangs who are still scamming. So, how should ordinary investors avoid being deceived?

    The victims told reporters that they recently found that there are new stock lecture platforms and new digital currency trading platforms. When they registered login with their mobile phone number and ID card information, they found that as long as those who had registered on the Betman trading platform before, after the new so -called "Ottoman trading platform" was registered, the accounts were shown in the frozen state. Enter.
    It Beijing investor: I found an Ottoman platform, which is also a digital currency. The content is the same as Betman, which is different. There are some differences in currency. Other operation methods, including fund management, new currency purchase, flow query, etc. are exactly the same.
    The reporter also found on multiple network platforms that there are still many victims who have been deceived by the same means at different times. In addition to the platform names and lecturer teachers, other tricks are almost the same. After learning that they were deceived, many victims had called the police.
    The staff of the Hongxing Police Station of the Daxing Branch of the Beijing Public Security Bureau: This case has been filed and investigated, and the interpol was responsible for investigation.
    The police said that there are many similar fraud cases. Investors must increase their vigilance and transfer to strange accounts, once they feel abnormal, they should call the police immediately.

    The types of fraud discovered by public security organs have more than 50 types, of which 5 major types of cases are high, which are online order rebates, false investment wealth management, false online loans, posing customer service, posing as public prosecution law Essence
    The lawyer Xia Yu, a lawyer of Beijing Kangda Law Firm: I would like to remind investors to choose a regular and legal investment channel. Remember "the sky will not drop the pie in the sky", you should be alert to the investment of ultra -high returns.

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