1 thought on “See how much money can Tianyuan Shengbao be worth it?”

  1. It should be read as "Tiansheng ingot".
    "Tian Sheng Yuanbao" was cast in the Song Renzong of the Northern Song Dynasty during the Zhao Xuntian of the Northern Song Dynasty. There are two types of copper and iron money and true money. You need to look at the specific coin thickness and the size of the aperture to judge the value. According to different varieties and grades, the price is between 2 yuan and 20,000 yuan. The price of special varieties must be tens of thousands or or for thousands of yuan. Generally speaking, it is only worth a few yuan.
    The Emperor Renzong of the Northern Song Dynasty cast the Shengtian ingot, but because of the shortcoming period, it is precious. Shi Zai, when Song Zhenzong died in 1022, the widow was ascended by the crown prince Zhao Yan, for Renzong. Zhao Yan was 13 years old and did not understand politics. Its year is "Tiansheng". However, the "heaven" of the Qianwen has the writing of "夭" and "destroy", revealing the historical facts of the fire of the fire during the heavens. In 1033, Yuan Mingdao was changed.
    "Tiansheng" changed the "Ming Dao" year number, and the queen mother still did not return politics to Renzong. At that time, the "day" of "Ming" represented the emperor, and the "month" represents the queen queen. Therefore, the "Shengsheng" money, which should be hidden in the first year of Ming Dao (the Empress Dowager died in the second year of Ming Dao), was cast by the imperial court's political struggle to change the "Tianxi Tongbao" money. But with the death of the queen mother, the money was suspended soon.

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