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  1. On May 1, 1973, Beijing TV (CCTV's predecessor) began a trial broadcast of color TV. Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, it was broadcast in Beijing in Beijing. On October 1 of that year, it was officially broadcast. It can be regarded as the predecessor of CCTV-2.
    On May 8, 1974, the color programs of Beijing TV Station increased to broadcast every night.
    On July 25, 1977, the two programs of Beijing TV Station were changed to color TV shows, completing the transition from black and white TV to color TV. By the early 1970s, Beijing TV Station had been able to transmit programs to 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities through microwave lines. The CCTV-2 established the "opening" communication mechanism. As the assistance and supplement of CCTV-1, it initially established the prototype of CCTV's only two major comprehensive channels at the time.
    December 1984, the Ministry of Economic Affairs of CCTV was established.
    On January 1, 1985, the "Economic Life" column hosted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs was broadcast to the country through CCTV-1. The show was a TV column of CCTV to promote the economy. It was also China's first national TV economic column. Essence On March 8, 1985, after CCTV opened an economic program, Hu Qili, then Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, called to convey the instructions of Wanli, the vice premier of the State Council: "To apply for an economic TV station, focusing on spreading economic news, economic information, business, business, and business Quotes and advertisements. "
    In December 1986, the original Broadcasting Film and Television Department held a" Second Program for CCTV Program to the National Transportation Conference "in Qingdao according to the instructions of the central government. Japan CCTV officially transmitted economic programs to the country through international satellites. After the "Qingdao Conference", after a short time preparation, the Ministry of Economic Affairs founded 40 minutes of "Comprehensive Economic Information" on the basis of "Economic Life". On February 1, 1987, CCTV-2 officially began to broadcast nationwide, and the "Comprehensive Economic Information" was officially launched. The "Beijing Shazi Port Cargo Farm" and "Capital Customs Cargo Styllar Styllar" broadcast "Beijing Shazi Port Cargo Farm" broadcast became the focus report in economic news. During this period, CCTV-2 also focused on the "Tide of Times", which reflects the process of China's reform.
    At 21:00 on December 18, 1989, on the basis of the revision of "Comprehensive Economic Information", "Economic Half Hour" was broadcast on CCTV-2.
    The on March 15, 1991, the first "March 15" International Consumer Rights Day Party was held, and the 3.15 party continued to this day. As of 2016, a total of 26 sessions were held. From May 20th to 25th, CCTV held a national economic propaganda symposium in Tianjin. 26 provinces, autonomous regions, municipal television stations and 28 plans to list cities, provincial capitals, and provincial and municipal TV stations were responsible for economic propaganda work. The meeting. The meeting suggested that CCTV will start the "Economic Information Network" and establish a national TV economy propaganda cooperation network as soon as possible. In September, the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the CCTV organized a total of more than 40 interview teams to penetrate the Dabie Mountain area of ​​the revolutionary old district, understand the various needs of the people's economic development of the old districts, and bridge the economic construction of the old districts, and helped the people of the old district.
    In June 18, 1992, CCTV held an enlarged party group and carefully studied the problem of new "Economic Information Network" under the premise of continuing to run the "Economic Half Hour" column. On July 12, the meeting of the Director of the Television Station of the provincial and municipalities across the country was held in Beijing to implement the problem of information sources and cooperation networks of "Economic Information Network". At 18:30 on August 31, "Economic Information Network" was broadcast on CCTV-2, which aims to form a national economic information dissemination network, communicate the channels of supply and marketing, serve the economicist commodity economy, bridge the productive forces, and become producers for producers. Staff, business consultants, consumers' consumer. It was stopped for the first time on June 30, 1996.
    In 1994, CCTV-2 began to launch China's first program "The Topic of One Dan" named after the name of the host in "Economic Half Hour".
    From April 1st to 16th, 1996, the 16-episode TV series "Pilot Tracking" was broadcast on CCTV-2 "Economic Half Hour". In June, the Ministry of Economic Affairs was classified as CCTV News Center for CCTV Advertising Economic Information Center. In 1996, in order to strengthen the audience's understanding and grasp of the economic situation, the former Ministry of Economic Affairs of CCTV continuously organized the selection of ten major economic events at home and abroad. On July 1, CCTV-2 officially adjusted into a channel featuring economic programs and opened the two sets of CCTV channel professional reforms.
    On May 5, 1997, the name of the CCTV-2 show was changed. The "Finance and Economics" was renamed "China Finance News", "Entrepreneurs" was renamed "Business Young", and "Global Economy" was renamed "World Economic Herald". On July 8th, the CCTV Economic Propaganda Consultant Committee was established and the first plenary meeting was held in Beijing. The leaders of the 12th central ministries and commissions and 14 well -known economists and entrepreneurs were invited to serve as CCTV economic propaganda consultants. In the year, "Wenzhou People", "Over 97 -Economic Relations of Hong Kong and the Mainland", "The Confraduation of Farmers", "Cross -Century Transformation", "Soft Land", "Breakthrough of Difficulties", "Thousands of Qiu Wan Dynasties", "Call of the Century" Equal series are broadcast in CCTV-2 "Economy Half Hour".
    On March 15, 1998, CCTV-2 launched a 6-hour large-scale live broadcast program "’98 3.15" during the day, creating a record of the daily live broadcast length and ratings of the channel. Now, the Financial Channel will launch a special report of "3 · 15 in Action" every year. On June 1, CCTV officially introduced channel packaging solutions, which began to launch with CCTV-1 as the main consumption of CCTV-2. On the same day, the CCTV-2 officially replaced the transparent glyph "CCTV-2" standard. The promotional video began to use the text-type dual-line CCTV standard. The background is unified with CCTV-1 and CCTV-7. On November 22, CCTV borrowed the style of interactive programs in the UK, and the entertainment puzzle show "Lucky 52" was broadcast on CCTV-2. On December 10th, in order to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the reform and opening up, CCTV-2 launched "20 Years of Economy" in "Economic Half Hour". At that year, CCTV-2 focused on the promotion of the "five major reforms" (the reform of the five major reforms, the reform of the state-owned enterprise, the reform of the financial system, the reform of the government institution, the reform of the grain circulation system, the reform of the urban housing system), and the reform of the reform of the medical security system. The re -employment engineering created a good environment for public opinion.
    On April 17, 1999, the CCTV Original Guangjing Center successfully broadcast the 85th China Import and Export Commodity Fair (Canton Fair) at the CCTV-2. This is the first time that the trading will be reported by the TV live broadcast in 42 years. On July 5th, the CCTV-2 "China Finance Report" was changed to 4 rolling broadcasts (3 times Sunday) every day, and a total of 85 minutes (70 minutes on Sunday) were broadcast throughout the day. In the same year, "Operations" was changed to "Master of Business". On August 9th, CCTV-2 bid farewell to the semi-automatic simulation broadcast system that has been running for 12 years, transferred to the full digital broadcast system, and implemented a full automatic broadcast of robotics. In September, CCTV-2 joined the Shanghai TV station to launch a special report of the 1999 Shanghai Fortune Global Forum. In November, CCTV-2 lived in the "1999 · Technology Going to the Countryside" science and technology collection in Sanli Town, Luotian County, Hubei. At that year, the CCTV-2 reported the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the New China in the division stage. A series of programs such as "Glory" and "Republic".
    On July 3, 2000, CCTV-2 changed from an economic-based comprehensive channel to "Economic Life · Service Channel", and launched "Securities Time" and "Earth Report" (later renamed "Earth Story" ) "Happy Dictionary", "Dialogue", "Securities Night" (later renamed "Today's Securities") "Qingfeng Car Shadow", "China Real Estate Report", "Interconnected Times", etc., and then launched a professional Sexual bar "Art Investment". On December 28, the first CCTV2000 economic annual character selection event hosted by CCTV ended in the "Economic Half Hour Night" awards celebration. As of 2013, the CCTV China Economic Annual Person Selection Campaign has held 14 sessions, known as the "Oscar in the Chinese Economic Circle". That year, CCTV-2 conducted a special report of the World Economic Forum Davos Annual Conference, Beijing International Week and Beijing International Automobile Show. At the same time, there are programs such as the National Day special show "Northwest West" and "2000 technology to the countryside".
    On January 20, 2001, the first China Clothing Design TV Contest, the "Liming Clothing Cup" jointly sponsored by CCTV and the former National Economic and Trade Commission (since the second session of the "CCTV clothing design and model TV contest") at CCTV -2 broadcast, the event is a clothing contest organized by television communication. The CCTV-2 carried out the same theme column joint operation on the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and produced a series of special programs and special programs close to the channel positioning. On July 9, CCTV replaced the standard. CCTV-2 began to use a unified channel packaging system for all CCTV-1 CCTV-1 other CCTV channels. ID). On the same day, "Economy Half Hour" was extended from 30 minutes to 35 minutes. That year, CCTV-2 "Earth Story" opened a precedent for introducing the "reality show" ("Survivor") in China.
    In 2001, the special program of CCTV-2 has formed a community effect on the layout. There are special programs formed on the New Year's Day and the Spring Festival, such as "CCTV 2000 Years of Economis Economic Economic Evaluation and Live", "Top Ten Economic Phenomena in 2000", "Top Ten Gushes in Stocks in 2001", etc.; For example, "Economic Half Hour" broadcast "Rectification of Market Economic Order -We Are Action" special program.
    2002 New Year's Day, CCTV-2 broadcasts the "CCTV2001 China Economic Annual Report", which "writes" the exploration of the Chinese economic annual report with a completely TV means. During the Spring Festival, the "Happy Dictionary" and "Lucky 52" show "" I'm Happy I'm Lucky "-The 2002 Family Dream Challenge" was broadcast on the channel. On July 30, the CCTV-2 "Economic Information Network" was restored to broadcast, and lived on Monday to Saturday for 30 minutes. At the same time, the "Economic Half Hour" was also revised on the same day. On October 17-20, CCTV-2 hosted the AD Ceremony-CCTV International TV Advertising Contest. During the convening of the 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, CCV-2 launched the two programs series of "Well-off China" and "Chinese Records". "Economic Information Network" aimed at "Well-off China" and launched 50 episodes of reports in a row; Dialogue "Met the" Chinese Record ". In November, CCTV-2 "Today's Securities" and "Securities Time" were integrated into "China Securities" (later changed to "Securities Time" again), realizing the combination of two columns and optimizing resource allocation.
    In 2002, CCTV-2 launched the puzzle interactive show "Happy Heroes" specially created for the Golden Week. It continued to be held in 2003, 2004, and 2005. In the same year, CCTV-2 produced the first national TV cooking contest to show professional competitions for Chinese food culture and cooking skills with TV methods. Food Beautiful Cooking Competition ") as the basis. CCTV-2 pays more attention to the extension of brand programs and continuously enhances the image of the channel. "CCTV2001 China Economic Annual Report", "CCTV2001 China Economic Annual Selection", "Meeting Life -2001 Family Appliances After -sales Service Consumer Satisfaction Brand Survey", "Economic New Year's Day" strong stall, "Spring Wind Proud Horses Horses" Spring Festival combination combination The launch of a series of re -installed programs such as package and "Happy Heroes" further highlights the positioning of professional channels.
    In September 2003, CCTV had conducted in-depth investigations and repeated arguments, and decided to use CCTV-2 as a pilot of channel system reform, and promoted the channel system in steps and hierarchically on the economic channel. The first revision (2003.10.20-2006.08)
    On October 20, 2003, CCTV-2 changed from an economic · life · service channel to an economic channel. After the revision, the "first time" was launched in the morning, and the "Global Information List" was launched at noon. At the same time, entertainment programs such as "Very 6 1" and "Absolute Challenge".
    On January 16, 2004, CCTV-2 successfully recorded the "First Chinese Judge Ten Jie Selection" special program "People's Judge". From January 22 to 28, CCTV2 launched the Spring Festival special program "Be with You". The form of the show is out of the showroom and has close contact with ordinary audiences. In April, CCTV-2 took the lead in disclosing the "Fuyang Inferior Milk Powder Case"; in addition, the "Shaanxi BMW Lottery Case" was first disclosed by CCTV-2. In September, CCTV-2 once again adjusted the operating architecture and mechanism. The program studio was revoked. The director of the channel directly managed the column producer, so that the economic channel truly became a flat channel operation architecture. CCTV-2 also uses resource integration as the starting point. From the characteristics of information production and resource sharing, the preliminary collection resources of economic information are integrated, and a channel production public platform for unified program production is established. From October 18-24, CCTV-2 joined the "Dream China" with six provincial television stations across the country, and continued in 2005, 2006, and 2007.
    In 2005, on the basis of the integration of platform channels, CCTV-2 was shared by information, guests, and topic selection between the entire channel of the entire channel. Share sharing system. On March 28, CCTV-2 was revised to launch 4 sections of "Supermarket Winners", "Fortune Story", "Tonight" and "Exchange Space". From April 22-30, in order to promote the implementation of the scientific development concept and increase the publicity of China's independent brands, CCTV-2 multiple information, columns and special programs linkage, and launched a "brand China" large-scale series of reporting activities.
    In May 2005, according to the spirit of CCTV leadership, CCTV-2 combined with the CCTV comprehensive evaluation index system, strictly implemented the end of the column elimination system. In July, CCTV-2 created a family entertainment show "Family Mobilization". In August, CCTV-2 promoted and reported the "National Action of the People" to promote the construction of a "conservation society" in the whole society. In October, CCTV-2 launched the "China Economic Lecture Hall" on the occasion of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 16th Central Committee of the Party, inviting guest speakers who participated in the formulation of policy formulation and familiar with the policy background. In November, CCTV-2 launched a special event of "Chinese Pride-Finding Heroes in Heroes" every year with the theme of "ordinary heroes". 2 After changing to the Financial Channel, "China Pride" is made by CCTV-12). On December 1, in order to cooperate with the Central Economic Work Conference, CCTV-2 launched a series of "Brand China" in the "Economic Information Network" to report the scientific research institutions and enterprises that have achieved excellent results in independent innovation.
    In 2006, CCTV-2 established a channel selection calendar system at the channel level to provide economic topic planning and planning. On the basis of the "China Economic Annual Report", the "China Economic Life Survey" was launched. The host selection event "New Partner" was held that year. In March, the CCTV-2 United Agricultural Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the State Forestry Administration and other relevant ministries and commissions and dozens of provincial and municipal television stations jointly produced a special program "Science and Technology Entering the New Rural". In May, CCTV-2 formed a "connotative fine-tuning" revision plan for "strengthening economic characteristics, enlarging economic brands; optimizing channel structures, enriching program varieties; innovative programs arrangement, flexibly cope with the market" as the basic idea. From June 9th to July 9th, CCTV-2 participated in the broadcast of the German World Cup competition. In July, CCTV-2 reported on the old district of the Dabie Mountain Revolutionary Revolution in 1991, and once again held the theme publicity campaign of "Re-visit Dabie Mountain Construction of New Rural".
    The second revision (2006.08.-2008.10.26)
    starting from August 2006, CCTV-2 began to use the red sphere logo, the slogan is: economic channel, just by your side. On August 9, the CCTV-2 business case analysis column "Business Time" was broadcast. On August 16th, CCTV fully launched the audit of the "Green Advertising Logo" in the evening golden period. In the CCTV-2 evening golden period of gold, the upper right corner of the screen showed a translucent "green advertising logo". On September 16, CCTV-2 "Family Story" was broadcast smoothly in the 2006 finals.
    In October 2006, CCTV-2 broadcasts "New Rural Construction of Taihang Mountain". In November, CCTV-2 launched a series of 5 episodes of "Anti-Commercial Bribery". On November 13th, CCTV-2 launched a 12-episode large-scale TV documentary "The Rise of the Great Power". For 50 minutes each, the film is a TV documentary with the theme of the strong country of world-made great powers. On December 11th, CCTV-2 launched 10 episodes "Transnational Storm", which reflects the difficult journey of Chinese companies' "going global"; on the same day, CCTV-2 full channels opened throughout the day and launched the "Fifth Anniversary of China's Fifth Anniversary" for 16 hours. Report. In 2007, CCTV-2 launched the "Land of the Country: The Most Wald in the World" TV event. On September 1st, CCTV-2 lived on the launching ceremony of the "Energy Conservation and Eatsters' Action", and the channel launched a special report. On October 5th, CCTV-2 launched 6 episodes of TV political theory "The Road to Revival" on the eve of the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and premiered on the CCTV-1 golden period.
    On May 5, 2008, CCTV-2 made "professional upgrade" adjustment to improve the influence of economic programs and optimize the channel structure as the starting point. After the "May 12" Wenchuan Earthquake, CCTV-2 launched a special report on "Earthquake Resistance Restaurant". On the eve of the Beijing Olympics, CCTV-2 and the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee jointly produced the special Olympic program "China Come". On August 9-24, CCTV-2 participated in the broadcast of the Beijing Olympic Games. Except for the normal broadcast of the "Economic Information Network", all the remaining periods were broadcast on the Olympic Games, and the Taiwan standard was temporarily moved to the upper right corner. On September 1, CCTV-2 founded the "First Class" (CCTV-1 broadcast). On September 20th, CCTV-2 began to open up "Economic Information Network" and "Economic Half Hour" in the evening, and conducted live reports "Straight Storm in Wall Street". On October 11th, the CCTV-2 evening was released at 18:05 at 18:05. Special reports of the "Strike of the Wall Street Storm" again.
    The third revision (2008.10.27-2009.08.23)
    On October 27, 2008, CCTV-2 launched an economic review program "Today's Observation" ("CCTV Finance Review" predecessor) and interview program " Yong Lehui "(later stop broadcast). In December, in order to commemorate the 30th anniversary of reform and opening up, CCTV-2 launched a 10-episode TV documentary "Chinese Story-10 Samples about the Chinese Dream".
    August 18-22, 2009, CCTV-2 broadcasts the documentary "Cross-Chinese Manufacturing". The first revision (2009.08.24-2012.08.22)
    On August 24, 2009, CCTV-2 was changed from the Economic Channel to the Financial Channel. Revised and enhanced channel financial characteristics, compressed the proportion of non -financial programs, and successively launched columns such as "Global Finance Link", "Trading Time" and "Market Analysis Room". The revision of "Life" is "Consumption Proposal", and "Serving You" is revised to "Financial Online" (later changed to "Live Finance and Tao"). At 4:47 am on September 21st, CCTV-2 added four simplified Chinese characters of Microsoft's "Financial Channel" below the CCTV-2 of its previous version of CCTV-2. "English Number Chinese Characters" channel. On November 25, CCTV-2 began to broadcast 24 hours a day. On December 21-29, CCTV-2 broadcast 9 episodes of the TV documentary "Memorandum of National conditions" for 45 minutes each.
    From August 23rd to September 1st, 2010, CCTV-2 broadcast 10 episodes of the TV documentary "The Power of the Company". Media's posture, use history to take care of reality, and to ask the future with reality. On September 22, CCTV-2 broadcast 10 episodes of the TV documentary "Wall Street" for 50 minutes each. The film is the first time that CCTV has fully penetrated into major financial centers in the world. It has adopted a large number of documentary shooting methods to fully reflect the creation of the language of television ontology.
    On January 1, 2011, all CCTV channels replaced the standard. The CCTV-2 logo was optimized to "CCTV-2 Finance". At that time, the channel identity of the rolling subtitles below the channel screen was CCTV-2's own secondary logo, not CCTV's unified channel logo. In February, CCTV-2 aired 8 episodes of TV documentary "City · China" for 40 minutes each. On August 21, the first CCTV China listed company summit was held in Beijing. As of 2015, the CCTV China Listed Corporation Summit has been held for five consecutive sessions. On October 1-7, CCTV-2 "Economic Half Hour" aired the 7-episode series "Transnational M

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