1 thought on “How to connect business for virtual accounting currency”

  1. Bitcoin allows people to trade freely in their own way. Each user can pay and receive money like cash, and can also participate in more complicated contracts. Multi -signature allows the Bitcoin network to accept the transaction only when the members who agree to sign the transaction in a established group agree to the transaction signature. This laid the foundation for dispute arbitration services for future development innovation. This service can be allowed to approve or refuse a transaction if the double hair cannot be reached in consensus. Unlike cash and other payment methods, Bitcoin always leaves a public evidence that transactions have indeed occurred, which can be used to pursue enterprises with fraud.
    is worth noting that merchants usually rely on their public reputation to maintain their operations and pay their wages to their employees. However, when they deal with new customers in turn, they cannot get such information. The operation of Bitcoin can prevent individuals and enterprises from harm to fraudulent orders. At the same time, when customers are unwilling to trust a merchant, they can choose to choose more protection.

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