Will it be titled with a virtual positioning elf to change the Honor Theater?

Will it be titled with a virtual positioning elf to change the Honor Theater?

3 thoughts on “Will it be titled with a virtual positioning elf to change the Honor Theater?”

  1. Will the King of Glory change the war zone? Will it be titled

    The king of glory of the King of Glory can only use domestic regular urban addresses, and the regular urban address will not be blocked.

    It players use third -party software to open more avatars to modify the Honor Theater. Change the Honor Theater to the city with no one to play the glory of the king.

    . For example, the nation's first Li Bai in the African Congo. This approach is illegal, and the system will seal such accounts.

    This Glory Theater Gameplay:

    Thenon theater where the player is located every week. Opening positioning can change the location of the Honor Theater, and you can get different titles.

    This can get the hero's ranking in the Honor Theater, but this ranking is not a limited time limit for a limited time, and it is updated once a week. If you get the title this week, it will be displayed next week.

  2. Will it be titled with a virtual positioning elf to change the Honor Theater? The Internet is full of "virtual positioning" software advertisements, claiming that any mobile phone software can "locate anywhere". The reporter searched the "mobile app positioning software" online to get 4.28 million results. For example, "×× assistant extend your mobile phone function", "select ×××, virtual positioning is simple since then", and so on. (According to the "China Youth Daily" on February 26)

    It according to the police's multiple investigation experiments, a accurate positioning software on the market was between 20 meters and 50 meters. The police cracked by the police, at the time of the incident, the positioning software attracted more than 4,000 registered users in the past two years, of which nearly 200 people with a recharge amount of more than 1,000 yuan or more, involved more than 400,000 yuan.

    The legal professionals said that "virtual positioning" software is justified when the "virtual positioning" software is authorized, but it is illegal if it is used for profit for profit. In reality, due to the low function of "virtual positioning", the relevant software on the Internet is flooding, and it has even become a tool for criminals to implement various types of criminal acts. For example, some positioning software has become an accomplice of more than 80 domestic investigations and debt collection companies to implement illegal behavior, helping them to locate the target characters in real time. Some domestic gangs involving black and evil are also using a positioning software to locate the location information of the target characters they want to start, and then implement illegal criminal activities such as illegal detention and intentional injuries.

    The appearance of these situations, the alarm bells are sounded for how to protect the legitimate rights and interests of each app user, and a new challenge is proposed.

    The positioning software is widely used in is that many personal information collected by many mobile apps is easily found by "hackers" to find loopholes development positioning software, causing information leakage. The vast majority of APPs did not clearly inform consumers what permissions would obtain before and after installation, and the purpose, methods, scope, and risks of collecting and using personal information after obtaining permissions. At the same time, when the software acquisition is obtained, there is no opportunity to choose by consumers. There is a default phenomenon, which violates consumers' options.

    The risk caused by preventing and eliminating "virtual positioning" software requires the joint efforts of the APP service provider, mobile phone users and regulators. As a program provider, the APP service provider should strengthen the awareness of the rule of law, strictly adhere to the legal border, and avoid the emergence of social harm from the aspects of the rule of law and technology. Mobile users should strengthen their awareness of prevention, not only protect personal information, prevent leakage, but also carefully buy some "virtual positioning" software. The public security organs should increase the supervision of "virtual positioning" software and severely punish illegal acts. With such a multi -pronged approach, we can better avoid information leakage and solve the worries of the user's malicious positioning.

  3. I do n’t know if it ’s the title, but it is not recommended to use a third -party software to modify the theater positioning. After all, Tencent’ s crackdown on third -party software is still very serious, so you are not afraid of 10,000.

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