cheap chic jewelry wholesale What are the conditions for unsecured loans

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  1. jewelry making charms wholesale Legal analysis: Conditions required for unsecured loans: 1. There are fixed residences in China, cities and towns with loan applications, and Chinese citizens with complete civil behavior capabilities. Generally, borrowers are required to be between 22-55 years old, and some institutions are relaxed to between 18-60 years. 2. There are good occupations with legitimate and stable income, the ability to repay the principal and interest of loan on schedule, observe the law and abide by the law, have no illegal acts and bad behaviors, and do not involve major economic cases or have large unsolorated loans. Generally speaking, the advantages and disadvantages of the borrower's work unit and the qualifications and title of the borrower themselves have a great impact on the pass rate of loan application and the amount of loan. The people of strong foreign companies, teachers, and doctors open unsecured loan business. There are also unparalleled mortgage applications for sales personnel, service personnel and migrant workers such as sales personnel, service personnel and migrant workers. 3. Banks generally require borrowers to open a current savings account or credit card in the bank. 4. Can provide recent bank flows. Some banks require the borrower's enterprise to be recognized by the lender and have a good cooperative relationship with the lender and the company. Public institutions, and requiring the lender to pay for salary, such as the Construction Bank.
    Legal basis: Article 11 of the "Administrative Measures for the Personal Loan" shall have the following conditions: (1) The borrower is a citizen of the People's Republic of China with complete civil behavior or an overseas natural person in compliance with the relevant national regulations; 2) The use of loans is clear and legal; (3) the amount of loan application, the term and the currency reasonable; (4) the borrower has the willingness to repay and repay the repayment; 6) Other conditions required by the lender. Article 12 The lender shall ask the borrower to submit a personal loan application in writing, and require the borrower to provide information that can prove that it meets the loan conditions. Article 13 After the lender accepts the borrower's loan application, the dedication shall perform due diligence, investigate and verify the authenticity, accuracy, and integrity of the personal loan application content and related situations, and form an investigation and evaluation opinion.

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