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  1. wholesale silk jewelry bags The basic principle is to operate remote computers with remote control applications on iPhone/iPad. The second part of the tutorial is given to the implementation method of remote boot.
    The remote control PC
    1. We can use LogMein Ignition on iPhone/iPad to use remote control PCs that are not restricted by network restrictions.
    2. You need to register an account to use remote control. Go here to register: secure.logmein/cn/, provides Chinese pages, the registration process is no longer embarrassed. Note that after the registration is over, your mailbox will receive the activation email, and the service can be used after activating the account.

    3. Log in to the account just registered on the computer, select download in the main interface of the account, and install the PC -side control software.

    4. The installation process of the software is very simple. After completing the software, you can see the welcome interface.

    5. Open the logMein Ignition application on the iPhone/iPad, first log in to your own logMein registered account. Then you can see that you have downloaded and installed the computer on the remote control end.

    6. The three options are remote control, access and copy files to iPhone, and view computer information. Select remote control, now you can see the desktop of your computer on iPhone/iPad, and log in to Warcraft directly.

    7. If you do n’t have a good habit of shutting down your computer, you can omit the following parts, and you can access your PC at any time with the software provided above.
    It iPhone to achieve remote boot
    1. If the computer at home usually shuts down, then you need to find a suitable solution for your own. We temporarily only discuss user solutions to use ADSL to access the Internet and have an external network IP address. If you are a community broadband, it is recommended that you use the regular turnover method. There will be setting methods in the tutorial below.
    2. To achieve remote boot, first of all, the motherboard is required to support the function of awakening through the network. The new motherboards in the past two years generally have this function.
    3. Press Delete into BIOS and enter the Power Setup item (different motherboards may be different, but there must be Power words)

    4. Then you can see all Power on on all Power on on The option of BY XXXX was changed to enabled, and the word PME is also set to enabled. Different motherboard options will be different.

    5. Note here, if you do not have an external IP, such as a community broadband. Then it is a simple way to use the time -booting function of BIOS. Set Power-on by Alarm here, and then set the time below.

    6. Then press F10 to save and exit, so that your computer can be awakened by the network card.
    7. Your iPhone/iPad needs to use another small application Sleepover to achieve real remote boot.
    8. Open the Sleepover on the iPhone/iPad, click Edit in the upper right corner to add a new control platform. You can choose a local network environment or remote control. Here you need to log in to the router in your home to query related information.

    9. Local local area network settings are relatively simple (But why not go over and boot!)
    Mac address: Fill in the hardware address of your network card, the client list in the router DHCP It is easy to find your own MAC address.
    Hostname: Do not fill in
    IP: fill in the IP of your own internal network computer, for example, mine is:
    10. When remote external network mode, you need to determine that you have the only external network address Essence The MAC address is the same as the local area network.

    11. Fill in the IP address: Open the homepage of the router at, click on the left to run, you can see the address you are allocated.
    12. In the router management page, click the network parameters -WAN port settings -select the automatic disconnect settings "0" minutes (each router is closed, the IP will be redistributed, if the router is not set, even if the router is not set, even if the router is not set, even if the router is not set, the router is not set. It will automatically allocate IP)
    13. Set up a virtual server to find the reposting rule-virtual server. The port information is as shown below. The IP is the IP that the router gives you and makes it take effect.

    14. After the setting is completed, click to save. You can see the newly added platform on the main interface of Sleepover. Two options will appear directly. Wake Over Lan is turned on from a local area network; Wake Over INTERNET is a remote mesh.

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