best wholesale body jewelry Urgent !! Stock technical indicators CYC, CYQ full name

best wholesale body jewelry Stock technical indicators CYC, CYQ is the cost moving average and chip distribution. Thanks! Intersection Intersection

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  1. hip hop jewelry wholesale distributors CYQ
    The cost distribution of circulating stock positions

    Costal moving average

    These two indicators are designed by Chinese people, designer Chen Hao Chenhao, Yang Xinyu, Yang Xinyu Yangxinyu, the first letter of the surname is CY,
    cyc last C is Cost, and the last Q of CYQ may be Quadrant, from the Q line.

    , the indicators of the Chinese, showing it to the Chinese, I don't think the daughter is more true, just know the meaning

  2. cheap wholesale jewelry in bulk The same is true of selling stocks. If the current price is 5.66 yuan, A is input to the selling price of 5.66 yuan, and B enters the selling price of 5.65 yuan at the same time, then B's declaration is prioritized to the application of A. If the selling price of A and B is the same, who will declare first. This situation is even more prominent when a stock price suddenly rises or suddenly explores. Suddenly, Mama Song, a good example of being foolish, the same

  3. jewelry in bulk lot wholesale You can try it like this,
    1. Click the "individual stock K -line" in the software menu,
    2. Then click the "indicator",
    3. Find CYC and CYQ, right -click "Index Note",
    It you can find its full English name.

  4. engraved jewelry tags wholesale It ’s not easy to check, I only know the meaning of a few words
    Cost costs

    Capacity distribution" should be called "Circulation stock holding cost distribution
    chips 1.CHIPS 1.CHIPS 2.Counters

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