How to Change Themes on Telegram

How to Change Themes on Telegram

Changing the visual appearance of your app is a way to improve user experience. In addition, users can change themes in Telegram, offering a more personalized look, that corresponds to the user's personality and mood. Themes in Telegram - Photo-suppliedThere are a broad library of themes available, from dark and light modes to colorful and patterned options to choose from, all of this is easy to change, here is how to change your Telegram theme. How to Change Themes in Telegram on Different Devices

How to Change Themes on Telegram
How to Change Themes on Telegram

Changing Themes on Android

1. Settings: Open the menu by tapping on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner of the screen and then, tap 'Settings'.

2. You can access the chat settings by clicking on your name in the settings menu at the top right of the main screen, and after that clicking on chat settings.

3. Select a Theme: Here is a list of themes; classic, dark or a specific color.backgroundColor; You can just tap one to apply it right away.

4. Next, Click On Customize Theme Option Then Go To The Bottom Right And Click On Create New Theme. You can name it and change the color for text, background, and links.

Changing Themes on iOS

1. Settings: Tap on the settings located a the bottom right.

2. Step 1: Choose Appearance: Now, in you the settings menu, tap Appearance. This is where you choose the different themes

3. Choose a Theme: Pick a theme from Day, Night, or Tinted backgrounds. Whereas iOS is more limited in its selection of pre-made themes but includes an auto-night mode that will be activated depending on the local sunset.

4. They Can Do Custom Colors iOS users also have the ability to create custom colors for their selected theme by tapping on Accent Color. Select an accents color for painted links and buttons.

Using Theme Sharing

1. Search for Theme: Look in Telegram Channels for themes, and if your contact has shared his custom theme then save it.

2. Use Theme Shared with Me: Click on the shared theme link PTelegram will display the theme preview and a Apply button at the bottom

3. Save the Change: Select 'Apply' to change to the new theme. It will restore over the default fields, but if you happen to have a custom theme that will still be able to field override it, but it will not be difficult to take it back.

Benefits of Changing Themes

Theme changing on Telegram is not something that allows you to have cosmetic changes it can also help in better visibility, reduce strain on the eyes mainly when you work in different light conditions. For instance, changing to a darker theme during the night can reduce the amount of blue-light exposure, which may stop sleep-interference.

If you prefer to explore theme editing or need more detailed guidance, you might want to look at telegram 主題

If you follow these steps, you can spice up your messaging experience in Telegram with a theme that appeals to you and matches your use-case scenario. No matter if you are the type that prefer no nonsense dark and light themes or colorful themes, you will find what you are looking for in Telegram.

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