What Are the Key Features of NAS1805?

What Are the Key Features of NAS1805?

Superior Design and Material Strength

What Are the Key Features of NAS1805?
What Are the Key Features of NAS1805?

NAS1805 fasteners are distinguished by their robust design and superior material specifications, making them a top choice for demanding aerospace and industrial applications.

Advanced Material Composition

NAS1805 fasteners are crafted from the finest materials:

  • High-Grade Alloys: Typically constructed from titanium or high-strength steel, NAS1805 fasteners offer exceptional durability and resistance to stress and corrosion.
  • Corrosion Resistance: These materials are not only strong but also resistant to the harsh environmental conditions encountered in aerospace, including high humidity and varying temperatures.

Design Specifications

The design of NAS1805 fasteners incorporates several key features:

  • High Load Capacity: NAS1805 fasteners are engineered to withstand significant loads, with tensile strength values often exceeding several thousand pounds, crucial for structural stability in aerospace applications.
  • Precision Engineering: Manufactured with exacting tolerances, these fasteners ensure a perfect fit and reliable performance in critical assembly operations.

Ideal Use Cases

NAS1805 fasteners are integral to numerous high-stakes environments:

  • Aerospace Structures: Used in the construction of airframes and other aircraft components where failure could be catastrophic.
  • High-Pressure Systems: The ability of NAS1805 fasteners to withstand high pressures makes them suitable for use in hydraulic systems within aerospace and other industries requiring precise fluid control.


The NAS1805 series stands out for its exceptional strength, precision manufacturing, and adaptability to harsh environments, making it indispensable in aerospace and advanced engineering sectors.

For more information on specifications and the range of NAS1805 fasteners, visit the NAS1805 product page.

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