A room full of good taste goes down the drain with the wrong curtains

The curtain is the finishing touch of soft clothing. It is very important to choose the material and appearance level that match the overall style of home decoration. The shutter can not only adjust the brightness flexibly, but also improve the temperament of home in minutes. Today we're going to talk about blinds that regulate light.

Vertical louver

Beauty filter in balcony living room

Blinds, Plantation shutters,which range from regular blinds to vertical louvers, are the latest craze in the curtain world.

Generally, our more common shutter is horizontal, suitable for small Windows, such as study, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, toilet.

Vertical bar louvers are more suitable for large Windows, such as balconies and living rooms. It combines the drape feeling of traditional curtains with the light and shadow adjustment effect of blinds, giving people a high and large effect in the visual space.

Vertical louver blade Angle can be adjusted 180 degrees, control the luminosity, so that the light brightness is more flexible. It also ensures privacy and makes home life more comfortable.

But vertical louvers are not 100% light shading, there are still some gaps between the blades, can not be completely shading.

I believe that many people have been removed by vertical louver cleaning care, but in fact some fabrics are treated by static electricity, so generally will not vacuum, usually with a feather blanket dust or hair dryer low temperature can be blown.

If it is dirty or generally clean for a long time, you can choose to wipe it with a wet towel. If the stain is serious, you can wipe it with a sponge or a soft cloth dipped in detergent, then wipe it with water, and finally let the curtain dry naturally.

Back to the more familiar blinds

Let's talk about the blinds we are most familiar with. The biggest advantage of blinds is that they can adjust the luminosity at will, and they also provide privacy.

If the home is some small Windows, you can choose shutters, so that the home space more beautiful atmosphere.

At present, there are mainly two kinds of blinds on the market: straight sheet type and S-type. The difference between them lies in the shape and curvature of each blade. However, the light transmittance of the two blinds is almost the same when fully opened.

If the bedroom is the pursuit of the shading effect, then the blinds are not suitable, it is recommended to choose the curtain box + professional shading curtain + other curtains.

Bathroom Windows are suitable for shutters, because bathroom Windows are generally small and require high privacy.

Honeycomb curtain

Honeycomb curtains look like ordinary louvers from a distance, but closer to the inside is hollow design, similar to the shape of honeycomb, with heat insulation.

But its blades can not rotate freely, so the shading effect only depends on its material, gauze material has the advantage of light permeability, creating a hazy aesthetic feeling.

If you want to install in the bedroom, it is recommended to choose a honeycomb curtain containing tin foil, better shading degree.

Appearance level representation

Shangri-la curtain

The difference between Shangri-La curtain and blinds is that Shangri-La curtain is on the basis of blinds, with two layers of yarn before and after, which is more suitable for installation in the study, because the light is soft and does not hurt the eyes.

Curtain is a soft decoration that can not be ignored in the home environment. A good curtain can improve the temperament and appearance of the whole home. Will you install blinds for your home?

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