The dense room escape, and the party has become a new consumption of post -95s. What is the prospect of this industry?

5 thoughts on “The dense room escape, and the party has become a new consumption of post -95s. What is the prospect of this industry?”

  1. When it comes to the ninth Five -Year Plan, the first thing to think of is the word crazy. Indeed, there are many kinds of life rules of 95. Many people are unacceptable, and now many people are entertaining after the 9th Five -Year Plan. There are too many gameplay for their leisure life. From the very popular flying chess to the current script killing, from the previous slow -shaking Xiaoqing, to the current midnight. Change is not just a little bit.
    This, take a look at the few gameplay of young people's favorite gameplay. It is said that the game that young people are most sought after now. The claiming to be 857 is bound to be on the list. No matter which bar is going to a relatively large -scale bar, it is definitely the most dense time for the unemployment. After a day of tiredness, it really sounds good to come to a place where you can release himself.
    This room escape game is also a very sought -after type. Most young people prefer thrilling adventure games. At first, it was just some mobile games or online games. This has created a condition for the escape of some of the dense rooms of the real person, but the escape of the secret room must be only a few more ways to play. The latest popular script killing can be said to be too hot, not only can you play on your mobile phone but also use cards with three or five friends. If you feel that this is not fun, you can go to some online celebrity shop to check in the immersive script kill. This script can bring yourself into the plot. So that you can feel what happened in the plot, and you can also communicate with the NPC.
    The entertainment industry data is huge. If you want to open the store, but you do n’t know what a shop is to open, you may be helpful to you next. I still remember that after a few years ago, a net red shop called the instant noodle canteen was very hot when I was in high school, but the good times did not last long. It was just a few months of fire. Close. This online celebrity shop, which has only survived for a few months, although some regional stores are still in a state of loss. But most of the stores did make a profit in the past few months.
    In online celebrity shops for several months can make money. It can be seen that the data chain of the entertainment industry is very large, let alone a lot of long -lasting online celebrity products, such as some milk tea The shop, or the nightclub, the interests can be imagined.
    If investment need to be cautious. If you have the idea of ​​opening a store now, you must do some systematic evaluation. Do not open the store blindly to avoid unnecessary losses.

  2. The prospects of this industry are still very large. After all, young people now like this method very much, and they are also the most mainstream ways to socialize.

  3. The prospects are very good. Now young people like to play secret room escape and script killing such reasoning games. They also like everyone to go to the party together. The prospects are still very good.

  4. At present, the development prospects of this industry are still very good. Because of the love of many young people, the development prospects should be optimistic.

  5. The prospects of this industry are also quite good, because many people are under pressure when they go to work, so they choose to relax when they use rest. In order to stimulate everyone, they will choose this industry.

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