The owner of Changsha was labeled "Diao Min" by the housekeeper. Why is there such a proud property?

5 thoughts on “The owner of Changsha was labeled "Diao Min" by the housekeeper. Why is there such a proud property?”

  1. Some of the owners in a community in Changsha often spoke more in the resident group, but they were tagged by the property housekeeper "Diao Min", and people would marvel at why there were such arrogant properties in the world for a while. The reason is that there are many aspects. First of all, whether it is a property company or a property housekeeper, forgetting that the job of property is actually a service -oriented job, and maybe even each of them has no consciousness at all on the first day of the job. Secondly, the label of "Diao Min" is a disguised humiliation to others. The management staff of the property company usually does not strengthen the training of employees in how to respect the owners. In addition, many property companies across the country have a common problem. They cannot receive the property fees and they look down obediently. Once the cost is received, it begins to be a bit high, and this property company is nothing more than this problem.
    1. Forgot that the property is actually the service industry

    The people in normal life are actually service industries, so when the staff enters the first day of the post, it should be Understanding your duties is to do the corresponding work for every owner. If there is no such consciousness or this consciousness at all, then it is also sooner or later.
    2, do not realize that respect for others is to respect

    Is in life we ​​always say that we must respect others, so respect for others mutual. The staff of this property company do not know how to respect the owner, and the leaders do not strictly manage it. So that after the incident is exposed, the property company must apologize to others and give the property fee compensation.
    3, the property expenses began to be high in

    The property charges provide good services. The owner pays professional services. This is a equal transaction in itself. However, there are many property companies that are good children when they confiscate money. Once the money is collected, they ignore the owner, and even put themselves in high level. In fact, after speaking, this property company had made this problem before it caused himself to trouble himself.

  2. The property is too unpredictable, and I do n’t know how to respect others at all, so this is the case.
    , as a community's property, it is almost impossible to provide 100%high -quality services for owners. I believe we can understand all of this. After all, it is difficult for people to adapt. Some owners are really difficult to communicate. However, if the owner protects his legitimate rights and interests and the real estate owner who protects his rights is labeled with unscrupulous labels, this is violated with professional ethics. In any case, accommodation should deal with this problem in the spirit of serving the people, not emotionally treated.
    This steward in Changsha Community aroused the emotions of the owners because many people were classified as the troublemaker in this table. However, these so -called unscrupulous people saw that the vendors used public space, and some owners built illegal buildings. The owner also complained about some issues, such as insufficient sanitary facilities. Unexpectedly, real estate managers regarded these people as nails and published special comments.
    Most owners feel that the property is too arrogant, and they have not fulfilled their intelligence responsibilities to serve the owner, nor do they assume the responsibility of the property manager. Some lawyers also pointed out that the real estate company's comments on the owners are obscene, which is contempt. In fact, this is an insult to the personality of the master, and it is also a violation of the dignity of the owner. We must apologize to the owner. Although the housekeeper of the real estate company called the owner to apologize and acknowledged that the document was produced by his predecessor, they could not compensate the owner's loss.
    The housekeeper often communicates with the owner in the group, and the housekeeper sends a form. On the back of the form, there are sanitary problems, looking for things in the group, etc., and everyone has a comment. Everyone has commented. The owner immediately intercepted the photo and asked why the housekeeper had such labels. The housekeeper said it had nothing to do with him because he was a newcomer and he didn't write these things. We all know that when looking for new jobs, the previous colleagues would do some handover work for the next colleague. Even if the previous one has left, there is still irreplaceable responsibility, these severe comments have not been deleted.

  3. Because the property had some contradictions with the owner, he privately put the owner on the label of Diaomin, and the property housekeeper had left the job long ago.

  4. Because of being used to it, such a property thought he was a boss and could not remember that he was a career for others.

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