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  1. The incident of Shanghai ladies fighting groups is a real event. In fact, these ladies are not real ladies. They are more hypocritical. They have no money and want to pretend to be a collection of people. The three perspectives of people, some people who saw on the major platforms of friends' circle of friends on the circle of friends, may be one of these ladies.

    In our impression, the lady is not going to go to work all day, and it can be rich for a long time to consume and travel in major tall places, and the photos taken are particularly good -looking. These ladies It may be the dream of some of us. If you can work all day without working, you can go to consumption and travel everywhere. Now that the Shanghai ladies are revealed, it can be described as a three -view of many people.
    It the Shanghai celebrities not only appeared in Shanghai, but also in every place, especially in developed cities such as Beishang, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The true identity of the ladies in these groups is an ordinary person. It is not the little princess in the family, so to make yourself a lady, let everyone know that they are rich, one of the ways is to show their good photos.
    This in Shanghai's ladies fighting for single groups is not surprising. Many women have no reliability sources in economics, and they want to make themselves a good life person in other people. At the same time, they have to think about their future. I want to find a golden turtle, I want to marry a rich man, so this is why I want to be a lady without money. A very expensive hotel, you can pay a few people once, and then tell the administrator that when you come in, you can take photos and do not understand other things. In this way, you can successfully do a few people pay a person's money, you can just have it, you can just do it, you can then you can Take the least money to take the highest big picture. You can get a lot of people like this in this way.
    The life is not so tired, just live yourself, there is no need to be like a Shanghai lady, and it is embarrassing to be exposed in the end.

  2. The Shanghai celebrities' groups did exist. A few days ago, it suddenly revealed on Weibo. The so -called Shanghai celebration group exposed people to enter the Shanghai lady group lurking through the fee, and found that this was actually a luxury group. The glorious and beautiful lives that are usually sent in the circle of friends are actually fake. They do not have enough financial ability to satisfy the luxurious life they want, and create their own Bai Fugai settings through a multi -person way. The purpose of them is very simple. Imagine why to wear high -priced stockings to participate in an event? Why do you send photos in the circle of friends? It looks extravagant and high -end? It is to become Bai Fumei and ladies in the eyes of others. They come into contact with more rich people, know the rich, and realize the purpose of having to marry into a luxury life.
    The netizens' views on the exposed Shanghai celebration group are different, basically three types. The first support attitude is that they are just working hard for the life they want. Others' means to get money, thinking that in order to maintain the extreme self -discipline, ordinary people can't do it. They are also working hard for the life they want, hoping to pack themselves into a lady to marry rich people. But the so -called lady's dress comes hard, isn't this deception; the second type of neutral attitude, everyone has their own lifestyle, adults should be responsible for their own behavior, and as an onlooker, we have no rights to have the right to be rights. Standing at the high point of morality to blame others, so keep your mind, do not venting angry by scolding and ridiculing on the Internet; the third kind of opposition, thinking that this behavior is actually vanity, obviously there is no such economic condition, but insisted on it, but hard to hardly want Show your own sense of superiority in front of others, show how extravagant your life is, take a photo through the list, and then post photos in the circle of friends and say that you have experienced it, then talk about your own feelings, and say that next time you still need to still have to do it next time go. Isn't this hypocritical, worshiping gold?
    But how many people are cheating? Is it really worth spending money to spend money in the place where the order is exquisite? Those who are really cultivated will not just value the appearance. When you get along, your talk will expose your true situation. If you want to take a shortcut to get a good life, it is really unreliable. You think it is hidden well. In fact, people have already seen the truth in their hearts. my country is a socialist country. Contemporary young people are the hope of the future of the motherland. We must bear the heavy responsibility of the times. Intersection We must resolutely resist this behavior that does not work hard and wants to take shortcuts to obtain benefits. Even if they are not to marry a rich person, their behavior can still reflect that they are hypocritical. If this behavior is not stopped, it will affect the mainstream of society, then more people will want to follow suit. What is more serious is that the minors with immature values ​​are not conducive to the long -term development of the country.

  3. This incident is real. The order of luxury goods is to take pictures to send a circle of friends and shape the lady's settings. It is closer to the society with a bright image. Essence

  4. Of course, the real existence is that their purpose is to disguise Bai Fumei to catch Gao Fushuai. That's why these so -called "fake celebrities" need to rack their brains to fight for themselves.

  5. It is true. The purpose of them is nothing more than to experience the life of the rich and send it to their circle of friends to satisfy their vanity.

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