How about Chengdu's IT Internet industry?

Listen to classmates, can be a programmer, can Chengdu IT make money?

5 thoughts on “How about Chengdu's IT Internet industry?”

  1. Hello, hello!
    it industry is a famous high -paying industry. Take Chengdu's software development as an example. Let's take a look at a screenshot first:
    Software development is only randomly selected, but if the subject wants to know other categories of salary, You can also go to related websites for query.
    It, let's talk about the market environment of talents. According to domestic authoritative data statistics, in the next five years, the total demand for informatization talents in my country will be as high as 15 million to 20 million. Still lack of technical talents.
    Finally, talk about technical ability. The high and low salary is related to his own work experience. The higher the ability, the new continent you can get will not be low.

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