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  1. The procedures for applying for a business license in the small dining table are as follows:
    1. I want to hold the property right certificate, lease agreement, ID card and other nuclear name procedures of the houses of the business place, and go to the industrial and commercial departments of the area under the jurisdiction; After the list, go to the relevant departments of the Health Bureau to go through the front procedures such as sanitary licenses;
    3, I bring related pre -procedures such as nuclear names, nuclear lists, and hygiene permits to collect business licenses in the industrial and commercial departments of the area under their jurisdiction.
    The dining table refers to a dietary service provided by primary and secondary school students. The operators are mainly schools, community neighborhood committees (women's federations), and residents' families. Rental houses near the school.
    "Regulations on Individual Industry and Commerce"
    The application registration as an individual industrial and commercial households shall apply to the registration authority where the operating place is located. Applicants shall submit registration applications, identity certificates and operating venues.
    The registration of individual industrial and commercial households includes the name and residence of the operator, formation form, business scope, and place of business. If the name of the individual industrial and commercial households uses the name, the name is used as registration.

  2. Many friends don't want to continue to work, and they plan to make a small dining table for the custody class. Recently, there are many friends who consult the Consumer Masao to apply for a small dining table custodian certificate. Today, Teacher Guanzheng will talk about how to judge whether the area he is in the area can apply, what documents to apply, and how to think of other ways to think of other methods. register.
    The service items for students' custody class involved in the service items of small dining tables involved in education, fire, health, food, industry and commerce and other departments, and have not yet introduced corresponding regulations. Both departments can be managed, and any department can ignore it. According to online surveys, only Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangdong, Zhengzhou, Henan, Jiyuan, Henan, Xianyang, Shaanxi, and Lanzhou, Gansu, and several provinces and cities in Lanzhou, Gansu, have issued a record mechanism in other areas. Some areas are in the state of no departmental management.
    The want to know what types of documents you are applying for and how to do it. Let me introduce five ways. for your information!
    The first type, the management department consultation:
    The consultation class to the local industrial and commercial office or the food and drug supervision office (some places may be called noon care class, shuttle station, small dining table, etc.), The possible answer is to let you go to the education department or health department. I have asked Xi'an's policy before, and the staff directly told me that I did not have such a policy and asked me to go to the Business Bureau.
    The second type, local peers communicate:
    In the way to get to know several local hosted peers. As long as you do not have a competitive relationship, there will always be a way to get more accurate information from them. You can also find a way to join the local peer exchange group consultation, but many colleagues are worried about competition and may not be willing to say more. Then I teach you a way. When I first entered the industry, I smashed a treasure of 88.88 yuan for the consultation issues. It was surprised that the other party was surprised and told me a lot of precautions! Obtaining accurate information will allow you to take a lot of detours and save a lot of time and money cost!
    The third type, street community consultation:
    It go to the local street office or community to consult whether the custody class needs to be registered here. The filing process generally finds the community to record first, then go to the health certificate, and then go to the food and drug supervision office for the record. Listening to some colleagues said, in some places, you can directly ask if you can do it, you may be hinted or rejected. A little eye -catching!
    The fourth type, unannounced investigation:
    Then for parents to find hosting for children, go to the surrounding custody class, and say that they are worried about whether they are safe if they are complete. If you ask a few more, you can understand if the local can get the certificate and what is it.
    The fifth type, online inquiry:
    Login the enterprise to query the website whether there are small dining tables, custody classes, noon entrance class, and shuttle batch, and enter keyword search. For example, "Qingdao Little Dining Table", "Shenzhen Wu Tuo Ban" and "Changsha Custody Class" can be found. If these words cannot be found, then your city may not issue documents. If you are sorted by time, check whether there are new registration in the past six months. If so, you should get a certificate. You find relevant departments to provide information to apply.

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