1 thought on “How to promote the clothing store WeChat Jianqun”

  1. You can post new clothes in clothing stores in WeChat groups.
    The content
    If publicity is a kind of information expression method specifically for serving specific issues (scheduled schedule, agonDa). In the West, the original meaning was "the argument or insights of spreading philosophy", but now it is most often used in political context (environment), especially the operation of government or political groups. When the same method is used for enterprises or products, it is usually called public relations or advertising. Use a certain concept of various symbols to influence the social behavior of people's thoughts and actions.
    The propaganda has various types. According to the content of propaganda, it can be divided into political propaganda, religious propaganda, military propaganda, commercial propaganda, scientific and technological publicity, etc. Propaganda uses a variety of propaganda methods: face -to -face propaganda between interpersonal interpersonal, use language, posture, expressions and other publicity methods; facing public propaganda, through public communication media, such as newspapers, magazines, books, etc. Wait for electronic media.

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