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  1. 231 industrial cluster is the five major tackling.
    "231" advanced manufacturing industrial cluster is the core starting point for promoting the construction of "strong manufacturing". Liu Gang, director of the Industrial and Information Technology Bureau of Jining Municipal Industry and Information Technology, said in an interview that the Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau will hold the responsibility of strong manufacturing and digital cities. In the wave of "big grasping industry", it actively shows new actions.
    Liu Gang said that this year is the year of the "14th Five -Year Plan". The first is to implement the "group length system chain length system" and implement cluster to improve the tackling operation. Strengthen the role of the two -level industrial cluster of the city and county, systematically promote the "nine one" working mechanism, adhere to the city and county integrated efforts, decompose the target of the "231" cluster to the county and city, and strengthen supervision.
    scheduling, coordination, and service to ensure that the company's regulations reached 1,100 enterprises during the year, and revenue exceeded 190 billion yuan. The second is to implement corporate climbing projects and implement corporate growth. To achieve the "four types of enterprises" of leading enterprises, leading enterprises, backbone enterprises, and high -growth enterprises in the industrial cluster one by one, implement the classification and screening of 258 companies that have been reported, and determine the climbing goals and formulate climbing plans.
    "One Enterprise, One Strategy" assistance to ensure that 3 companies, 50 companies with more than 1 billion yuan, and 40 enterprises with more than 500 million yuan.

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