5 thoughts on “Which industries and people are suitable for WeChat Mini Programs”

  1. The scope of application of small programs is wide, such as:
    1, catering industry
    What to eat today? Where can I eat? It may be a problem that most people face every day. In addition, the current users are inseparable from the mobile phone, and a small program for a catering, turning on the mobile phone to display the nearby small program, users can directly conduct a restaurant that is interested in interesting restaurants You can also place an order in advance. After arriving at the restaurant, you can directly serve, reducing the queuing time. At the same time, it saves the time of customers and merchants. At the same time, the small program in the catering industry can save the cost of publicity.
    2, the automotive industry

    On online reservation car washing, the user directly pays attention to the mini -program, click on the appointment, what services are required, waxing, maintenance, and time to pass.
    3, the medical industry
    The mode of use and follow, bringing new development space to the medical and health industry. Users can achieve simple diagnosis and treatment through small programs, register, and pay.
    4, the transportation industry
    The current users, there are too many software installed on the mobile phone, and the appearance of the applet solves this trouble for users. When users need it Train information such as trains can be used to place orders and pay.
    5, movie ticketing, etc.
    The approval of movies as a way to improve the quality of life is increasingly recognized by office workers. Movie posters often appear on bus platforms, subways and other people. , But if the user wants to get more information about the movie, he needs to search for it again. Film query applets can put the QR code on the poster. Users can scan the QR code to obtain movie video previews, release time and theater. If you are interested, you can immediately select the theater, booking, seat selection and other coherent operations.
    mi programs can also involve other industries, which are not listed here.

  2. Who is suitable for small programs:
    1. E -commerce, WeChat, Taobao customers
    WeChat will not directly do e -commerce, but it can do the entrance to all e -commerce. Everyone may wish to think about the direction of the public account applet (store, mall), solving the confusion of e -commerce, WeChat, and Taobao customers.
    2. Living service category and enterprise group
    For offline stores, it has its own online stores. In addition, it can be exposed among people nearby and online reservation payment functions can be exposed to customers.
    3. The self -media, business promoters (credit, finance)
    This in the public account article embedded in small programs, which can directly transform this huge traffic into commercial monetization. Why not?
    The company, sports hotels, sports fitness, bath sauna, beauty hairdressing, brand catering, learning training, parent -child education, wedding photography and other consumer companies are the best users of WeChat mini programs.

  3. At present, the function of the applet is getting stronger and stronger, so it is more and more suitable for industries. Below, I will simply list a few industries that use more small programs:

    1, e -commerce industry

    For example, every time a merchant has a order, the e -commerce platform will draw about 10%of commissions from it. Assuming that the turnover of the order is 100 yuan, the merchant finally only gets 90 yuan, and then abandon costs, logistics, labor and other costs. It is conceivable that the merchants almost do not make money.

    But in the applet, the merchant does not need to be drawn up. Under this premise, the merchant sells a 100 yuan product, and finally gets a complete 100 yuan. In this way, the income of enterprises and merchants can be improved.

    2, the catering industry

    A restaurant often needs to arrange special service staff to help customers make an appointment to order seats to order and serve customers. A cashier must be arranged at the same time. Coupled with the kitchen chefs and other people, companies and businesses in the catering industry often need to invest a large number of manpower, so the cost of employment has greatly increased.

    . The applet can help companies and businesses in the catering industry to complete the appointment, ordering, and receipt of money. In this way, companies and businesses in the catering industry can reduce some of the service personnel, thereby reducing their employment costs.

    3, the physical industry

    , enterprises and businesses in the physical industry mainly use the method of distributing publicity singles pages for publicity and promotion. But in this way, it can only cover about 1km around the store. Therefore, the traffic that can be obtained is often very limited.

    but the applet has a "nearby small program" function. This feature can help companies and businesses in the physical industry expand the scope of publicity to 5km. In this way, the flow of enterprises and businesses in the physical industry will increase greatly.

  4. First, emerging startups. This is very simple. Don't do the app by yourself, it is not cost -effective;
    The second, I have an app, but it is very bad, and it is not capable of making it better. This is also very simple, don't do it yourself, hurry up your bad app; for these two situations, decide is actually very simple: Do not do your own app. As far as developers are used, the WeChat Mini Program is simply the savior of the sky! Too time!
    Third, I have APP and do well. I am also very powerful and even proud of my front -end ability, but the number of target users will not be too large, and the user gives a lot of money. This means that the cost of spending is a bit high, but this does not make more money for yourself. At this time, we must also endure love, give up your app, and put your own ability to make a good WeChat mini program. The cost is low and sustainable. rn第四,自己有APP,做得也很好,自己前端能力也很牛逼甚至很自豪,目标用户的数量也不会太大,但用户比较稳定,且给钱多,利润高Essence In this case, keep your app. This situation is to play with feelings and quality. It is exactly the same as the WeChat Mini Program.
    Fifth, with your own APP, and the number of target users is very large, and the competition is fierce. In this case, without tangling, we must immediately develop WeChat mini -programs.

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