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  1. After finishing ten reasons for learning tattoos to see if you can help you:
    1, a kind of professional skills, you can make money
    2, the cost is low in profit, it is a good investment project
    3, learning tattoo does not look at age and gender, you can learn
    4. You can choose more institutions for learning tattoo, convenient learning pathway
    5, not long learning tattoo time, generally 1-2 one, generally 1-2 one The month can be very solid. Time investment is less
    6. You can choose to open a store to open a store and you can choose a free occupation when you graduate from learning tattoo. Going to
    8, learning tattoo can also improve your image, become fashionable
    9, learning tattoo embroidery to participate in various competitions, you can increase your popularity
    10, learning tattoo exercise exercise and people to communicate with people and people Ability, life richer three -dimensional

  2. 1. Improve the eye level structure
    This to make the white scleum and dark eyeliner in sharp contrast to make the eyes look brighter and vivid; make the eye lines clearer, and the level of the eye is richer.
    2. Make the eyes bigger and more gods
    The pupil line to expand the eye shape and increase the thickness of the eyelashes. Against the contrast between the eyes, eyeliner, and eyelashes Yiyi. Reduce the eyebrows of the eyebrows, set off large eyes, enhance the three -dimensional and layered sense.
    3. Change the optimal type
    Different eyeliner length, arc and color can achieve the purpose of modifying the eye shape, avoid strengths and avoid weaknesses, and cover up. The pupil line can be balanced, corrected the eye shape, and enhanced the radian of the end of the eye.
    4. Let the pupil line personalized
    The modification of the eyeliner varies from person to person, and you can set off different temperament according to different people. Light age, often makeup, the eyeliner can be thick and deeper, making the outline obvious and full of vitality, appearing lively, setting off the youthful and fashionable atmosphere. For those who are older and do not make up, they should be tattooed to reflect the natural beauty of both eyes, add a sense of stability and maturity, and set off the beauty of elegance.
    5. Let the eyeliner safe
    What eyeliner, eyeliner, eyeliner, etc., first containing chemicals, and if you don't pay attention to the use of cosmetics, you will fall into the eye. It will cause inflammation, swelling, pain, and even crying, and it is very likely that allergic conjunctivitis will occur. If you do the pupil line, you do n’t need to draw eyeliner. Naturally, you do n’t have to worry about these accidents.
    6. Dodge eyeliner hazards
    It, the eyelids are opened and pulled the skin during the daily eyeliner, which will cause damage to the skin. When removing makeup remover, wipe it carefully with the eye removal water. If you are not fully removed or excessive, your eyes are not good, and you may cause problems such as the skin pigmentation of the eyes. If you do the pupil line, you don't have to worry about these adverse consequences.
    7. Save the trouble of removing makeup
    mades must be removed after makeup. One of the most troublesome things that are the most troublesome is that they are so sleepy that they just want to fall asleep when they fall to sleep! After making the pupil line, you don't have to get stuck to remove makeup!
    8. Increase sleeping time
    The gospel of the hand disabled party. The thickness of the previous painting is different, the eyes are not coordinated, and the change is changed, that is, the waste of time and the good mood of early morning. Do you think about getting up every day, do n’t want to get up, do n’t want to get up, and let me sleep for half an hour. As a result, I clenched the bed for Mi. Make the pupil line for you to sleep half an hour in the morning.
    9. Don't be afraid of makeup and dizzy makeup
    This walking after the rain, swimming in the beach, sweating in summer is a natural and charming look of nude makeup, and you are no longer afraid of the embarrassment of dizzy makeup.
    10. You can do not bring the pupils
    The people who often bring the pupils with beautiful pupils will hurt the eyes, but the effect of the pupils with big eyes is really good, so that people must choose to bring. After tattooing the pupil line, you need to bring the eye -catching pupils. Without the pupils, you can have the effect of bringing the pupil.
    Mu Yan also wants to have a beautiful sister -in -law paper pattern. When the beautiful pupil line, there will be fixed large eye artifacts. Naturally invisible eye makeup effects can make your face beautiful!
    The tattoo technology is actually a traumatic skin color, and the pigment is implanted in the skin tissue to form a stable color block. Because the skin is very thin, the skin is very thin. In transparency, pigmentation through the epidermal layer shows excellent excellentness to cover up defects, promote strengths and avoid weaknesses, and modify beautification. The pigment pierced into the skin is small particles and less than one micron in diameter. It is quickly surrounded by collagen and cannot be swallowed by the swallowed cells, which is marked. Tattoo is not a simple operation of one stitch, but has considerable complexity and skills, so practitioners must have good professional ethics.
    The tattoo is not a simple operation of one stitch, but has considerable complexity and skills. Therefore, practitioners must have good professional ethics, which are specifically manifested in the following aspects:
    1,,,,,, n1,,,,, n1,,,, the Tattoos need to have a meticulous work attitude. Tattoo and beauty are permanent and certain. If you are not concentrated or sloppy, you will affect quality and even accidents. A meticulous work attitude is the guarantee of quality.
    2, tattoo requires superb professional skills, which is the foundation of tattoo. The superb skills are from the training of basic skills. Only with solid basic skills can we use it.
    3, the shape of the difference between people means that tattoo beauty is the process of shaping and beautifying the image of the human. The beauty of tattoo or not is derived from whether the shape is in line with the characteristics and personality of the individual. Different styling effects on different styles according to the principles of aesthetics are important factor in shaping beauty.
    4, strict sanitary disinfection. Tattoo is performed on human skin and must be strictly disinfected before operation. Including: disinfection of the hands and tattoo parts of the beautician; use a disposable needle or a high -temperature and high -voltage disinfection; 1 person and 1 disinfection cotton tablets; 1 person and 1 part of the medicinal solution; abandonment after use of the needle tube bolt, before surgery The tools must be wiped with alcohol cotton.
    5, kind and gentle attitude. Due to the particularity of tattoo beauty, more or less will make the recipient's tension and contradictory psychology. The cordial and gentle attitude of a beautician is the best sedative to the recipient, which can give people a sense of soothing.
    6. Tattoo is an artistic and scientific compatibility, which reflects superb skills. It has complexity in operation and has risky operating skills. This is the true meaning of tattoo.

  3. Let's talk about the problem of tattooing employment. This problem is relatively severe.
    The first, the tattoo artist's position itself is relatively small, and the customer restrictions of small and medium -sized beauty salons have caused the tattoo artist to have a small demand and a small post. The current market status of the current market, so it is true that the tattoo artist is not easy to find. This is a fact.
    The second, novice tattoo artists are not valued. Tattoos are a craftsmanship. Even if large and medium -sized beauty salons need tattoo artists, there is a situation that they dare not use newcomers. After all, customers are the most important ones. Then the newcomer does not want to go to the small beauty studio to go to work in a large beauty salon, and must have sufficient experience and ability.
    So tattoo artists are so difficult to find a job. What should we do if we really want stable income and want to employment?
    1, learn technology first. I have already explained how to find schools and how to study. I wo n’t repeat it here. What I want to say today is that I just stepped into this industry. First, I want to learn the technology and do more real -life works. Accumulate experience and ability, so that you need to go to the interview and apply in the later period to talk about funds and reference materials.
    2, accumulate connections and word of mouth. Most of the current tattoo artists are still good at using the circle of friends or online platforms to accumulate reputation. This is also quite understandable for craftsmen.
    3. If the above two points are really achieved, it is basically no need to go to work. Opening a store is still the goal of most tattoos. In fact, it is the most comfortable for being a boss for work.
    No matter which way you want to go, learning tattoo technology is the foundation. The professional attributes of tattoo artists determine technology is the core competitiveness. Therefore, it is the most important thing to practice technology in school.

  4. It is good to learn tattoos. Learning time is comparison
    short. It's faster to get started. Tuition is small. The industry is high. Make money fast. Very suitable for self -employment or opening.

  5. There may not be so many reasons, but the proportion of tattooing technology in the United States is getting hotter. First of all, the market of nail eyelashes still has a large market in China. WeChat data shows that the number of nail eyelashes consumption transfers is 300%more than last year. Then if you want to enter such a well -received market, you must have professional technology first. Taking semi -permanent as an example, semi -permanent eyebrows have high requirements for the design of the eyebrow shape. I have seen too many small training institutions to make a lot of seven days and zero basis for profit. After doing it, I didn't make money in the end, and there were a lot of enemies.

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