US online shopping returns have soared. Why is the development of US e -commerce not as good as China?

5 thoughts on “US online shopping returns have soared. Why is the development of US e -commerce not as good as China?”

  1. The difference between the price of the American physical store and the online price is not large.
    is the difference between commodity prices. The price of buying things online and buying things in physical stores is similar. Why do many Chinese people like it? How about shopping on a platform like Taobao Pinduoduo? More reasons are because he will be much cheaper with the physical store, so we will choose to shop online.
    Is that after e -commerce lost the price advantage, when we go to cities like the United States, we will feel that the price is similar anyway, and there will be no more people choose to buy online.

    The price in American e -commerce is similar to physical stores. On the one hand, the government considers the perspective of protecting physical stores. If the price of American products in physical stores and the Internet is relatively different, things on the Internet are too cheap, which will cause an investigation of improper competition. The cost of legal violations is very high.

    If selling things online, it also needs to pay taxes. Some taxes are higher than the tax levied on physical stores, and
    The courier costs in the United States are also very high. If it wasn't for Amazon Prime's shipping cost of $ 5.99 or $ 7.99, it was equivalent to at least 40 yuan in courier fees, and it would be 3-5 days.
    This also leads to the high price of online goods.
    So when the price of e -commerce and online stores tend to be consistent, most people choose to shop in physical stores.
    The American physical retail industry is mature
    It offline retail in the United States is relatively developed. Unlike China, offline entities are relatively backward, and some of our commercial facilities may not be very mature. If you want to buy something, you need to take a long way to buy it. And in some categories, we cannot go to the physical store immediately. Therefore, in this case, we have to buy what we want through the Internet.
    But the United States is different. In the United States, there are large supermarkets like Wal -Mart. The layout of Wal -Mart Supermarket is very dense. Many things, we can buy a few steps. For developed countries like the United States, online e -commerce is only a supplement and complement of offline retail.
    It purchased things in physical stores in the United States will enjoy very good after -sales service, and you can enjoy free returns within 30 days. In some places, there will be services that can be returned for one year.
    is because the offline retail in the United States is so powerful, so it makes it difficult for a online e -commerce company to develop.

  2. Because the American guys are stupid, how can we be clever, how cheap it is to bypass the difference between the middlemen to make a difference?

  3. Because China has the opportunities to show e -commerce platforms on Taobao,, and Pinduoduo, the brand quality will be guaranteed, so it develops rapidly, and Chinese people are accustomed to online shopping.

  4. The development of Chinese e -commerce is inseparable from quality guarantee and legal constraints. U.S. e -commerce lacks legal constraints, and various issues are endless, and they must be inferior to China.

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