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  1. Global System. Simply put, this is a satellite system consisting of 24 satellites covering the world. This system can ensure that at any moment, 4 satellites can be observed at any at all to ensure that the satellite can collect the latitude and height of the observation point in order to achieve navigation, positioning, and time -granting functions. This technology can be used to guide aircraft, ships, vehicles, and individuals, safely and accurately along the selected route to reach the destination on time.
    The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a new generation of space satellite navigation positioning system jointly developed by the U.S., sea and air forces in the 1970s. Its main purpose is to provide real -time, all -weather, and global navigation services for the three areas of Lu, Sea, and Air, and for some military purposes such as intelligence collection, nuclear explosion monitoring and emergency communication. It is an important component of the American dominance of global strategies. After more than 20 years of research experiments, it spent 30 billion US dollars. By March 1994, the global coverage rate of 24%of the GPS satellite constellation was completed.
    GPS global satellite positioning system consists of three parts: space parts -GPS constellation; ground control part -ground monitoring system; user device part -GPS signal receiver.

    ◆ The predecessor of the GPS
    Tram's predecessor, the predecessor of the GPS system for the US military, was developed in 1958 and was officially put into use in 1958. The system works with 5 to 6 satellites. It is bypassing the earth at most 13 times a day, and it is impossible to give high information. It is not satisfactory in terms of positioning accuracy. However, the Ziwuyi system enabled the R

  2. Pharmaceutical is GSP.

    GSP is the abbreviation of the English Good Supply Practice, which means good supply specifications. It is a factors that may occur in the drug logistics link link, thereby preventing a complete set of management procedures for quality accidents. It is actually a comprehensive, full -scale management.

  3. GPS is the Globe Postion System Gelap Positioning System

    The others are not very clear. Essence In the discipline of geography,
    In Baidu search, lazy ~

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