Is there a second -hand car testing agency in Hangzhou or a reliable used car inspection master?

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  1. Some, find an independent third -party car inspection agency, the nation's chain. This is relatively stable. just!

    Is when choosing a used car, checking the frame is one of the good ways to determine whether the car has a collision accident, because most of the vehicle frames that have occurred in the accident will leave traces. It depends on whether you can judge whether you can judge come out.
    Mest sedan adopts the "overall body" structure. After the frame is impacted and deformed, there will be some adverse reactions during driving. You can judge it by testing. For example, the steering is uneven and unstable; there is a wheel sound during the straight process; the tires have marks of abrasion; When static state, you can check the following methods: check whether the left and right side wheels are straight, otherwise it will indicate that the overall frame is bent; Or the overall body shows signs of bending; check whether the engine cover and wingspan, the door and the wingspan are partial, the gap between the door and the door is symmetrical, otherwise it is likely that the engine cover and the door have been replaced. Relationship.
    Is open the engine cover to see the traces of welding or cracking of the two vertical beams that run through the engine compartment. If the accident frame of the rear -end or side impact will be squeezed and bent or cracking, welding is needed during maintenance. If you have the conditions, you can obviously check it, because most of the cars have enhanced tendons on the chassis, and you can judge whether the ribs are flattened by inspection. Second -hand car experts remind consumers: During the selection of used cars, the frame is an important inspection part. Do not take it lightly.
    Second -hand car testing items
    The first pair of numbers: engine and body numbers must be consistent with the data on the driving book, otherwise not only illegal, but no accidents can be compensated by insurance companies.
    The second check brake: Try to brake at different speeds to ensure that there is no side slip. If you install the ABS system, you can try to brake at a speed of 30km/h or more to test whether the ABS operation is normal. If the ABS is normal, you can feel the beating feeling from the foot brake.
    The third look at the body: door, headlights, taillights, and the seams between the body have no interface. The mud boards in each part of the body should be uniform color. Wave pattern and so on. It is recommended to try it in all parts of the body with magnets. If you find that there are insufficient attractive places, it may be the result of overlapping. However, when encountering the body of aluminum or carbon fiber materials, this trick is not available.
    The fourth test engine: First, see if the engine has any damage or oil leakage, whether there are traces of damaged the machine parts, and whether the spark plug is leaked. Test whether the engine can be started smoothly. It is best to test the cold car, and the results are more accurate. Pay attention to whether there is asphyxia when driving, whether the static speed is normal. Check whether the response of the engine system is fast enough, whether the horsepower of the front is abundant, you can step on the accelerator immediately, and then observe the speed of the increase in the number of rods. In addition, whether the car can be driving smoothly after refueling, there are no murmurs, etc., you need to check. After driving, the inspection engine has an unusual smell, and it has repeatedly checked the engine for oil leakage.
    Fifth -test suspension: Press the four corners of the body forced, observe whether its suspension reactive strength is average, and pay attention to the unusual sound when pressing the body. However, you must ask the owner before doing such a big movement, and be careful not to press the car when pressing. A better way is to drive the car to the house to raise it to see if there is oil leakage or relaxation in the suspension system.
    The sixth test transmission and clutch: Try to change different gears to ensure that all gears can work normally. The problem of manual gearbox is usually not to enter a gear or sewing smoothly. When testing, check the three gears, four gears, or accelerate on the uphill road. It may be that the clutch has been lost and needs to be replaced.

  2. Now the TUV fire -eyed golden eyes are tested in Hangzhou, and the friends in Hangzhou and the surrounding areas can find us to detect. The vehicles in the used car industry are uneven, the car condition is opaque. Buy the news of the accident car to fight a lawsuit. Before buying a car, it is best to find a third party for testing, check the accident of the accident, check the engine gearbox chassis, etc. There is a test company with interest), our testing technology comes from TUV in Germany. You can check the background of this North German Group. It has a history of 150 years in Germany.

  3. As far as possible, find a professional and independent third -party used car detection agency to do it. The used car detection master is responsible for conducting all -round detection of your vehicle, such as the overall vehicle conditions, chassis, body components, and so on. See if there is damage, wear, what needs to be changed. Including the internal and external configurations of the vehicle, whether the vehicle has had an accident, whether it has been repaired, and whether all the functions are normal. Even the scratches, cracks, windshields, etc. need meticulous inspection. And whether the body is installed or modified. Make all the situation of the car into a formal report and show the buyer.

  4. If you buy a car, you are afraid of being pitted, and find a car inspection. The vehicle inspection helper provides the door -to -door test, the new car inspection, the value evaluation of the motor vehicle, etc. There are corresponding detection solutions based on the different purposes of the test and evaluation.

  5. The German TUV vehicle testing, Chinese name is golden eyes, specializing in second -hand vehicle testing, investigating major accidents in the vehicle, issuing reports, and promised. Provide on -site testing services, and the detection engineer comes with the equipment.n00:00 / 00: 1270% shortcut keys to describe space: Play / suspension of ESC: Exit full screen ↑: increased by 10% ↓: reduced volume by 10% →: Single fast forward 5 seconds ←: Press a single fast retreat for 5 seconds to hold hold it up. Here you can drag no longer appear in the player settings to reopen the small window shortcut key description

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