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  1. This Pharmaceutical Marketing Teaching Research Paper II "Analysis of Pharmaceutical Companies Marketing Issues"
    Abstract: With the continuous promotion of my country's pharmaceutical system reform, the future development of my country's entire pharmaceutical company has also received a certain degree influences. While grasping the huge opportunities of medical reform, the company's market characteristics have been grasped, and the market characteristics of the drug industry are found, and it has found a new economic growth point for the enterprise to gain a certain competitive advantage in the new round of fierce competition, so that the enterprise is in medical medicine in medicine To achieve its marketing goals in the wave of system reform is a problem that enterprises should consider carefully. This article mainly starts from the current status of the marketing of my country's pharmaceutical companies, a brief analysis of the problems in its marketing process, and proposed corresponding marketing strategies.
    The keywords: pharmaceutical reform; pharmaceutical enterprise; marketing
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    It is closely related to human life. It involves the health of the people, the stability of society, and the development of the economy. It is a very special and important industry in my country's national economy. In recent years, my country's pharmaceutical industry has made huge development. However, with the intensification of competition in the pharmaceutical industry and the increase of similar alternative products, the market advantages of the original products of pharmaceutical companies have decreased, and the future development of pharmaceutical companies is facing huge challenges.
    . The current marketing status of the marketing marketing market in my country
    The as far as the current status of my country's pharmaceutical industry, ordinary drugs with operating profit account for 70%of the market share, and about 30%of the market occupies The new drug of their operating profit can be as high as about 70%. The reason why the pharmaceutical market shows this phenomenon is mainly due to the following aspects: First, the pharmaceutical market is related to the health problems of the people. The main market consumer group is the public. Because the cost of the development of ordinary drugs is relatively low, it can be able to be able to be able to develop. Meet the consumer needs of the public. Second, due to the limitation of the technical level of drug research and development in my country, the cost of research and development of new drugs is more expensive, so most companies are more willing to choose to develop ordinary drugs with the same effect as they have the same effect to reduce the cost of drug research and development. Third, due to the influence of my country's system, some companies in my country do not pay attention to the research and development of new drugs, and some companies have lack sufficient R

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