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  1. WeChat is another emerging media platform after the Internet and Weibo, especially whether WeChat should be charged for discussions and pushed WeChat to the public. Due to the powerful functions of WeChat, WeChat marketing as an emerging industry is emerging, bringing new challenges to the traditional regulatory model of the industrial and commercial department. This article starts with the characteristics of WeChat's characteristics, marketing models, regulatory issues, and regulatory methods to analyze the supervision path of the industrial and commercial departments for WeChat marketing behavior.
    The features of WeChat
    WeChat is a free instant messaging service application launched by Tencent. Users can transmit text or picture messages with friends through WeChat. WeChat has functions such as zero -funded, cross -platform, photography to friends, mobile phone pictures, mobile instant communication and other functions. At the same time, the other party can be typed in real time to master the other party's response in real time.
    WeChat has the following characteristics:
    The smartphone as the user platform. WeChat recommends using mobile phone numbers to register and supports mobile phone numbers in more than 100 countries. When using the QQ number for the first time, WeChat will require a WeChat and nickname. WeChat is the only identification number of users in WeChat.
    multimedia content. The content of WeChat is multi -dimensional. In WeChat, text, pictures, voice and video information can be sent.
    The use of new technology -WeChat QR code operation. With the WeChat QR code, you can scan WeChat, add friends, put the QR code pattern in the viewfinder, WeChat will find the QR code of the friend, and then you can get membership discounts and merchant discounts.
    Meral marketing -Mother -in -law mouth spread. A large number of users who register WeChat are the most operating is to forward the text information of friends, or comment on the content on its WeChat. This constitutes the main communication mode of WeChat.
    The main marketing method of WeChat
    LSB address marketing. WeChat combines the LSB function. You can find WeChat users near the geographical location where the "see the people nearby". Merchants can use this function to send commercial advertisements via WeChat. This feature actually provides consumers with a surrounding commercial electronic map to make consumer consumer information more diversified and intuitive.
    C product QR code marketing. WeChat combines QR code technology. Users only need to scan the QR code of the merchant with their mobile phones to get an electronic membership card stored in WeChat, which can enjoy membership discounts and services provided by merchants.
    Meralized marketing. Because WeChat is more reposting through the information of the acquaintance, through the mouth transmission in the circle of friends, sharing and commented on the products shared by users in the circle of friends in the application, and marketing through word of mouth.
    The public platform marketing. Merchants use WeChat public platforms. The platform can push users including news, product messages, and latest activities to users. The content can be spread in the circle of friends. In addition, it can also complete functions including user consultation to form a system. Complete business platform.
    Drifting bottle marketing. Combined with WeChat, combined with Tencent's user data, do a good job of data analysis. At the same time, multiple drifting bottles are issued targeted at the same time, or multiple users pick up the same drift bottle during a certain period of time.
    illegal mode in WeChat marketing
    The traditional illegal model in WeChat marketing. The use of WeChat for marketing, the more common illegal acts will be concentrated in traditional fields such as advertising, sales access commodities (food, drugs, etc.), trademark infringement. Because WeChat is the spread of friends, the spread of these illegal information is more hidden.
    The high -risk illegal model in WeChat marketing. Word of mouth marketing is an important marketing model of WeChat. It is based on the communication mode of interpersonal trust in acquaintances. This model is very easy to use for MLM organizations. WeChat's evaluation system should also pay great attention. Some merchants hire WeChat Water Army to launch attacks and maliciously evaluate competitors.
    The WeChat regulatory method selection
    The WeChat marketing is currently in the development stage. The marketing model is relatively simple and primitive, but as a market regulatory authority, we should foresee that WeChat marketing may occur during the development process and pre -research Copy the plan and formulate regulatory rules.
    The hardware facilities and jurisdiction. To supervise WeChat marketing, it should have hardware devices such as smartphones or related network software. In addition, WeChat communication is a cross -administrative area. For the jurisdiction of WeChat, the corresponding rules should be formulated early.
    The WeChat marketing subject confirmation. It is almost similar to the beginning of the Internet entity. In the new WeChat marketing, how to identify the identity of the merchant is another problem. Identity means credit. Without identity confirmation, it is impossible to trace the WeChat subject. For WeChat marketing entities confirmed that the industrial and commercial departments currently have no corresponding technical means.
    The impact on traditional inspection methods. The traditional inspection method is based on the scope of visual vision, supplemented by 12315 clues. Network supervision is closer to non -vision. WeChat regulatory combines visuals and non -vision. There are both information fields based on mobile phone user groups and LSB address functions.
    If the supervision path of WeChat marketing behavior
    Pets to apply and jurisdiction principles. The author believes that WeChat is the same as the Internet and Weibo. It is only different from the media that it depends on it. It is different from traditional illegal acts. It is not necessary to wait for the formulation of special laws to regulate it. It only needs to quote the current laws and regulations. You can refer to the principles of network supervision, establish a WeChat platform operating behavior supervision system to clarify the power and responsibilities of the industrial and commercial departments at all levels, and strengthen the supervision of WeChat platforms.
    The implementation of WeChat bright photos. In accordance with the concept of highly responsible consumers, the industry and commerce department should intervene early and take the hand from WeChat. It is required that WeChat merchants show their identity in the WeChat platform, set up bright photos marks, and establish a merchant credit system based on identity.
    The LSB inspection and QR code supervision into field supervision. The industrial and commercial departments can use the LSB function to search for the geographical location of merchants in modern commercial concentrated areas such as commercial streets and office buildings, compile corporate electronic maps, and achieve efficient energy supervision. At the same time, the products marked with the QR code to strengthen supervision, and timely discover and investigate illegal acts.
    It use WeChat to strengthen the supervision of WeChat merchants. The industrial and commercial departments can use traditional links such as registration to collect information about the company's WeChat account, as an important regulatory data, and check their WeChat marketing content to urge merchants to operate in accordance with the law. For the use of WeChat to engage in illegal operators, investigate and deal with it in accordance with the law, and purify the WeChat operating environment.
    This company as the first responsible person of the WeChat platform to resolve and divert the risk of performing duties in the industrial and commercial department. For the use of WeChat accounts to engage in serious illegal operators, Tencent is required to take measures such as blocking accounts to protect consumers' legitimate rights and interests.

  2. There is no supervision now, and it depends on the self -discipline of the seller, so there are more fakes sold by WeChat than online shopping.

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