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  1. 1. Answer on the front
    The process of opening a trademark agency company:
    1. Search for the registered online service system of the Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau to enter the webpage;
    2, select new user registration after entering; The ID number filled in the lower end must be one of the shareholders or person in charge;
    4, login after registration;
    5, filling in the name information;
    6, the next step to fill in the investor ID information;
    7. After filling in the submission, wait for several working days to log in to the viewing.
    . Analysis
    The trademark agent refers to the acting of the agent in the name of the agent to engage in civil legal acts in the name of the agent. Trademark agent is a type of civil agent, that is, the trademark agent's legal behavior of being engaged in trademark affairs in the name of the agent within its agency permissions is an important part of social legal intermediary services.
    3. What agency activities do trademark agency mainly engaged in the head office?
    1. The proxy trademark applicant's trademark inquiry before registered application to determine whether the trademark can be registered, and the agent trademark owner uses unregistered trademarks to enter the market before entering the market to determine whether the trademark violates others. Rights;
    2, proxy trademark rights customs record;
    3, agency solving trademark infringement disputes, trademark infringement complaints and other legal affairs;
    4, agent foreign applicants apply for trademark registration and other trademark legal affairs in China Essence

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